A compact plastic case stack de-palletizing system from Westfalia Deam Systemsde-palletizes 3-4 dairy pallets (40 inches x 40 inches) per minute, each with nine stacks of empty plastic dairy cases, for a maximum throughput rate of 180 cases per minute.  All components of the system are constructed of stainless steel materials, which makes the equipment suited to the wash-down environments found in the dairy industry.

The de-palletizing system handles 16 quart plastic cases on a typical dairy pallet. With 16 quart cases stacked in a 3 x 3 pattern on a pallet, 27 or more stack groups can be de-palletized per minute. For dairies handling only unitized loads, a reduced system with only the chain conveyors, the 3-to-1 merge unit, and the de-stacker would be required. The system is safety protected with a surround safety fence with light curtains on pallet entry points, stack discharge and empty pallet discharge.

Westfalia Deam Systems