Ginseng up

Since 1981, Ginseng Up has been on the lips of loyal followers throughout the Caribbean eager to get their daily dose of ginseng. This botanical extract has been a nutritional supplement in Asian diets for more than 6,000 years and is believed to boost energy, relieve stress and improve memory. Now, after 30 years of popularity overseas, the Rockleigh, N.J. -based namesake company is rolling out Ginseng Up throughout the United States.

Ginseng Up is marking its debut with the addition of a crisp apple flavor. Unlike highly sweetened apple drinks that are diluted apple concentrate, Ginseng Up is 96% real apple juice blended with a touch of sparkling water. The company also designed new packaging for the U.S. market, which, while contemporary, graphically echoes ginseng’s Asian origins and expresses its benefits with a new tagline: The Root of All Power.