Luxcel Biosciences directly targets the food safety and packaging industry with cutting-edge sensors and tests to monitor bacterial growth . At the 2011 International Dairy Show, Luxcel discussed a major new innovation for the screening of bacteria in raw and pasteurized milk.

Providing cost effective benefits and quick results, the GreenLight range of food safety tests allows for an easy, same-day detection and enumeration of bacteria in food and beverage samples by measuring bacterial oxygen consumption and equating oxygen consumption to microbial load. If the bacteria can breath, the GreenLight technology can measure and quantify the contamination.

“An increasing appreciation for the importance of food and microbiological safety has resulted in a demand for a rapid high throughput method for bacterial quantification to deal with the increasing number of food samples that require testing,” said AnnMarie Barrett, Business Operations Manager. “Food processors will now have a faster, less labour intensive screening method compared to traditional agar methods.” With GreenLight, benefits include:

• Same day results
• Easy sample preparation
• Simple ‘mix and measure’ protocols
• Detects live bacteria
• Save on time, labor, consumables, remove the need for agar plates
• AOAC certified, license no.061002.

Based in Co. Cork, Ireland, Luxcel Biosciences was founded in 2002. The company has won several industry awards, including the prestigious all-Ireland ‘Young Company of the Year’ Award , and the Small Firms Association (SFA) of Ireland ‘Innovators of the Year’ Award for companies with 250 employees or less . Luxcel’s customers range from major global pharmaceutical companies and leading processed food manufacturers to biotechnology companies.

Luxcel Biosciences