Sour cream is “in” these days. Downey, Calif.-based Hermosa Farms — a family-owned and operated California dairy farm and one of the last dairies in Southern California to own its own cows and to process, package and distribute its own products — promotes its new line of European-style sour creams as being “simply dairy.” 

“Rather than focusing on low fat, consumers are now looking for a short ingredients list, and the shorter the better,” says Joe Lunzer, Hermosa Farms’ general manager and maker of Lilly Sour Cream. Lilly is 100% all natural, and has only one ingredient: cultured milk. It contains no thickeners, gums or preservatives, as the company states on the front of containers. Made using a patent-pending European-style process, all Lilly Sour Creams contain more protein and calcium than the competition, and at the same time have less saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Lilly Sour Cream comes in three varieties: fat free, light and regular.