Italy-based illycaffé recognizes that not everyone has the time to sit and savor a cup of its freshly brewed illy espresso coffee, especially busy Americans. So the company teamed up with The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, to form the joint venture Ilko Coffee International, and now its beverages are portable and in the increasingly popular “chilled” format.

The illy issimo Italian Espresso Style Coffee Drink line now comes in five varieties. The line debuted earlier this year with Caffè (a bold, full-bodied, espresso-style coffee drink with a touch of sweetness), Cappuccino (rich espresso blended with low-fat milk and cocoa) and Latte Macchiato (a smooth espresso-style coffee drink with a hint of milk and sugar). Most recently Caffè No Sugar (unsweetened   and without milk and only 15 calories) and Mochaccino (with cocoa, a hint of milk and sugar, and only 100 calories) joined the line. The latter is the first coffee made with the Domori brand of cocoa.

All illy issimo coffee drinks have a suggested retail price of $2.39 for a single can. Four packs are also available for about $6.99.