Lori Dahm, technical editor
Natural Inspiration
I love the Natural Products Show. I was in Washington, D.C., a couple of weeks ago attending the show, and there is something inherently positive about the event. The folks who have their wares on display at the Natural Products Expo are trying to better the food industry, right?
Whether through an organic product, a natural product or a healthy product, it is touching to see folks who believe so whole-heartedly that they are creating something good that can revolutionize the market.
One of the mornings I was there, I took an early run around the monuments on the National Mall. I ran into a fellow colleague at the Lincoln Memorial who was teary-eyed, reading Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.
I was touched, and remembered that so many pivotal points in our nation’s foundation were built upon this same sentiment — trying to better the world. I thought, how appropriate that the Natural Products Show takes place in our nation’s capital!
I think the dairy industry has a lot to be proud of in this respect. So many dairy foods are healthy and natural products, designed to improve consumer health.
And if anyone has led the organic charge, it certainly is the dairy segment.
It’s a truly refreshing and inspiring thought: that the fruits of our labor can improve the world. I hope so.