Lori Dahm, technical editor

Whispers From Within

It’s not exactly breaking news that the demand for organic milk is outpacing supply.
Some speculate that the desire for foods that are free of what I call the “unwanteds” — artificial ingredients, hormones and antibiotics — is driving this scenario.
What is news is that the market factors leading to this scenario are not only consumer-driven, they are also beginning to emanate from within the conventional food industry itself.
Specifically, there are many in the food processing industry who are increasingly wary about what we may be unwittingly ingesting through our food supply. I hear from folks in the field who themselves are working with genetically modified organisms or certain controversial artificial ingredients that there is discussion in the industry about the ultimate safety of these foodstuffs.
We certainly aren’t the only industry to be plagued with safety issues — consider the recent warnings that certain plastics are easily transferred to foods through heat conduction, or that the material of typical water bottles can possibly leech into the liquid inside.
Now, I know these thoughts are going to raise some ire, and some of you will speculate that I’m biting the hand that feeds me. But I think it is actually our duty to listen to questioning that comes from within and take it seriously. After all, the foundation of our nation’s food safety superiority is based upon maintaining a primary interest in protecting the consumer well-being.