Smooth Future
We’ve all been wondering where the future of the smoothie market is going, and I think I may have stumbled upon the answer.
While in a Whole Foods in San Mateo, Calif., I came across a smoothie shelved with the single-serve, shelf-stable soy and milk drinks. Enter LightFull Satiety Smoothie, a new yogurt-based smoothie that jumps off the shelf with its light-hued packaging and graphics of a line-drawn woman figure running (her hair streams out behind her) while juggling time, home, money and leisure.
Boasting that it’s “Surprisingly Filling” and offers only 70 calories for an 11-ounce serving, the smoothie’s side panel informed me that Lightfull contains a natural green tea extract to boost my metabolism, plus calcium, antioxidants, a high fiber content and a low glycemic level. Um, can we say ‘target audience’? The Lightfull folks certainly did an effective job, because I was influenced to pick up and purchase their product.
It’s worth noting the green tea component, since our flavor survey indicates that green tea is going to be a hot flavor appearing in many dairy products in the near future.
While I can’t attest to noticing a metabolism boost or a sensation of being more satiated than after drinking any of the full-bodied smoothies currently available, I think the Lightfull folks are onto something.