Buchi introduces the NIRMaster, a stand-alone FT-NIR spectrometer. Its unique polarization interferometer offers high sensitivity, ensuring accurate and reliable results. It also includes a built-in PC, ready-to-use calibrations and an internal laser reference, eliminating the need for frequent and expensive instrument standardizations.

Buchi Corp.



Clear Lam’s Peel and ReSeal technology features a reclosable tray and lid system for added convenience and lightweighting of cheese products. The easy-to-use lidding film eliminates the need for rigid lids and shrink bands, making the package easier to assemble.

Clear Lam Engineered Packaging Solutions



Foss released MilkoScan FT1, a milk analyzer designed for standardizing milk arriving at the dairy. A new intuitive software interface is said to make it easy to perform the fast and accurate milk analysis required for effective milk standardization.




Parker Balston offers compressed air filters that are said to remove 99.9999+% microns of oil, water, rust, bacteria and other viable organisms from compressed air and other gases. These stainless-steel filters are said to be at least 30 times better than the accepted standard for sterile air filters, and come in ¼- to 1-inch line sizes with flow capacities of more than 700 SCFM. 

Parker Hannifin Corp., Filtration & Separation Division



The OMDC-MD series from Omega Engineering is a compact programmable DC speed control with digital closed-loop feedback and LED display. It features adjustable minimum/maximum speeds and acceleration/deceleration, as well as display options such as decimal point positions and intensity. Its non-volatile memory provides programmable power-on initial settings and allows all custom settings to be stored for future use.

Omega Engineering Inc.



Nansulate Translucent GP insulation and mold resistant coating by Industrial Nanotech was created for insulation of food processing equipment to reduce energy costs. It cleanly insulates with a moisture-, mold- and corrosion-resistant formula that also reduces heat transfer to lower energy demand. This clear coating is water-based, non-toxic, low odor and low voc, and insulates surfaces up to 256°F.

Industrial Nanotech Inc.



Using water “polishing” techniques from GEA Filtration helps recycle the process water for cleaning purposes, or even to return it to the process, creating a plant self-sufficient in water. The “white water” is collected and treated using reverse osmosis, allowing the solids recovered to be returned to the process.

GEA Filtration



Gamajet Cleaning Systems releases the Intrepid, a low-flow, full-coverage rinsing machine that offers fast, validated tank rinsing using 80% less water than the standard spray ball at the same pressure. This type of cleaning is ideal for cleaning light liquids and powders. The Intrepid utilizes a unique “direct-drive” design, requiring no gear reduction. The average operating conditions are between 10-80 psi and 5-20 gallons per minute.

Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc.



Fortress Technology introduced the Stealth metal detector, which offers full backwards compatibility, ensuring spare parts and upgrades are readily available for existing systems. Other features include digital signal processing technology, which provides high-speed precision detection, while ultra-sensitivity levels detect the smallest metal contaminants. Meanwhile, automatic testing and calibration allow for simple operation, and the true auto-balance enables recovery from large metal contaminants to avoid detector “blindness.”

Fortress Technology



Intelligrated launched ShipSort and PackSort applications, as part of its InControlWare warehouse control software suite. Designed to manage high-speed tilt-tray and cross-belt sortation systems, this software combines advanced sortation functions with comprehensive warehouse control. ShipSort provides comprehensive routing and controls management for shipping sorter applications. PackSort is designed for order fulfillment applications, including returns, direct-to-consumer and packing operations with full support of pre-allocated or supply and demand item allocations.




The Klean-In-Place rotary airlock feeder from Meyer & Sons is a special-purpose valve suited for dairy plants. No tools are required to remove the head plate, which is attached to the valve housing with easily unscrewed release handles. The four-slide bar supports, using linear bearings, provide maximum support of the rotor while it’s pulled out, allowing for the valve to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and inspected. The unique design incorporates a built-in device that automatically re-establishes the close dimensional tolerances between the rotor and housing and a safety interlock switch.

Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.



MasoSine’s sine pump technology is said to produce powerful suction with low shear and no pulsation. Large, open cavities allow the transfer of curd with little damage, producing a higher yield and fat content while reducing fines. Undamaged curd requires less dressing, reduces fines and prevents plugs in the drain table, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity.




Roberts PolyPro introduces a single-station multipack bottle handle applicator that’s specifically designed for lowest total cost of ownership, highest versatility and simplest operation. Available in automatic or semi-automatic configurations, the new applicator efficiently applies HDPE carrying handles to 4-, 6-, 12- and 24-unit cases for most common bottle and jug sizes and material compositions. In automatic operation, this multi-pack applicator can run for 45 minutes on average without handle-loading intervention.

Roberts PolyPro



Chr. Hansen introduces a series of FruitMax solutions developed specifically for applications in the American food and beverage industries. The FruitMax range includes seven shades from red to violet, and are all processed from edible, natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, allowing food manufacturers to label ingredients as “color: fruit and/or vegetable concentrates.”

Chr. Hansen Inc.



Autocrat now offers premium tea extracts in black, green and black and green combination flavors. These are ideal for ready-to-drink beverages, smoothies, protein bars and more.

Autocrat Inc.



DSM Nutritional Products launches allergen-free b-carotene 10% emulsion red for improved performance in food and beverage applications. At low concentrations, this b-carotene offers pinkish pastel shades, which become a strawberry red color at higher dosage rate. It’s also process stable, delivers excellent color stability and provides superior resistance to ringing in beverage applications.

DSM Nutritional Products

41 (0) 61 815 83 54


Wild Flavors commercialized a full line of taste modifiers and sweetness enhancers for use with stevia extracts. Along with the ability to label these modifiers and enhancers as “natural flavors,” this portfolio of solutions also allows for a reduction of up to 30% of nutrient sweeteners, thus reducing costs while still delivering great-tasting products.

Wild Flavors Inc.



Utilizing a proprietary process, Z Trim from Z Trim Ingredients is created from either oat hull or corn bran to create powdered cellulose, yet still deliver smooth mouthfeel, easy dispersability and flavor neutrality. Z Trim enables formulators to replace more costly ingredients such as soybean oil or dairy solids. For example, Z Trim blended with skim milk replaced 30% of the cream cheese in a cheesecake formulation, while maintaining a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and texture. Z Trim also improves the nutrition profile as well, in this instance, cutting out 25% of the fat content.

Z Trim Ingredients