Alfa Laval introduced a new line of tank cleaning equipment, theToftejorg advanced equipmentfor automatic tank cleaning, along with theNew Solid C PumpSeries. The Toftejorg products include rotating spray heads, rotating jet heads and accessories as well as assemblies for applications within the food, dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, personal care and marine industries. The tank cleaning equipment is suitable for tanks ranging from 500 gallons to silos with a 500,000-gallon capacity.

As the next generation of Tri-Clover brand pumps, Solid C pumps improve on the technology of the C Series, which has been an industry standard for 35 years. This new design offers an improved seal, lower NPSHr and better performance for standard duties in the beverage, food, personal care, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. The Solid C is a cost-effective standard duty pump intended for use in non-critical, less demanding applications. All product-wetted parts are in AISI 316L stainless steel. It is a high-value standard pump which exceeds hygiene standards and complies with 3A and CE and has EHEDG certification.

Alfa Laval

Axon Corporation unveiled its new EZ-100HSX Tamper Evident Band Applicator. The Ez-100HSX is the company's fastest single-head applicator. The continuous motion machine is capable of speeds of up to 500 bottles per minute. The single-head design and small footprint Allows the machine to fit into the tightest of spaces. It can be easily integrated existing lines or it can be made part of turnkey system. Quick and easy changeover allows for banding of numerous SKUs. It bands caps up to 36 mm and layflat film width range from 15 to 60 mm.

Axon Corp.

Cargill's new Eridex brand erythritol is an all-natural, non-caloric, (maximum 0.2 cal/g) bulk-sweetener with a taste similar to sugar. Food developers can use erythritol to reduce calories and improve flavor, digestibility and texture of reduced-sugar products. Dairy applications include ice cream, sorbet and yogurt, where it supports fat replacement strategies and allows for lower caloric pro-files. In frozen desserts, it also functions as a freezing point depressant.

Cargill Food and Pharma Special-ties

AllerGiene™ is the latest in allergen indicator testing. Debuted by Charm Sciences, this real-time, ATP-based test, is as simple as swab, twist and count. Results are available in five minutes. There is no reagent preparation, and the assay is performed post-cleaning and pre/post sanitization, be-fore the next food process cycle. The AllerGiene system is an indicator for multiple allergenic residues.

Charm Sciences Inc.

Danisco and Danisco Sweeteners showcased its ingredient portfolio of specialty carbo-hydrates and reduced-calorie sweeteners. Ingredients such as Litesse® polydextrose, lactitol and xylitol all have low-glycemic indexes and are ideal for developing low-glycemic foods and beverages. Polydextrose and lactitol together help reduce sugar and fat in no-sugar-added ice cream. Other re-duced-sugar applications sampled included a vanilla-flavored milk beverage and nonfat whipped yo-gurt.


David Michael sampled an array of ethnic ice cream flavors, which were inspired by the company's international facilities. Offerings included French Pain d'epices, Mexican Café de Olla, Canadian Maple Syrup Pie and Chinese Vanilla Red Bean. The company also showcased its cost-saving solutions for vanilla-Category I and Category II vanilla flavor blends.

David Michael & Co.

The new Degussa Food Ingredients, exhibiting for the first time at Worldwide Food Expo as a single company with three business lines-Flavors & Fruit Systems, BioActives and Texturants-showcased how the business lines work together. For example, show attendees were able to sample a low-fat probiotic yogurt smoothie enhanced with choline. The drink was made with the company's sta-bilizer, culture, choline, fruit and smoothie base.

Degussa Food Ingredients

The BFAH-30 (Advanced Hygiene) bottle filler was introduced by Evergreen Packaging Equipment, a business of International Paper. Evergreen also exhibited a number of new products including traditional gable top equipment, and various levels of bottle filling, cup filling, and blow molding equipment. The BFAH-30 features a belt drive, externally demountable fill valves, auto sanitation, HEPA enclosures, and an optional automated CIP system. Filling up to 100 gal, 150 half-gal, and 180 quarts/pints/half-pints per minute, this machine offers the processor high filling efficiency of up to 95% or higher in a clean and safe environment. Evergreen's EMP-1 gable top packaging machine forms, fills and seals up to 8,400 Micro-Pak cartons per hour. The Micro-Pak carton, with a 1.810 inch cross-section, is a convenient single serve package with a straw hole available in 4, 6, 8, and 10oz sizes. ELL (Extended Long Life) features include HEPA, auto sanitize, self-contained CIP, self-contained chemical sterilization, and 35% H2O2 carton sanitization with a 4.0D kill or better. The ESL-60 with SPOUT-PAK forms, fills and seals up to 6,000 standard cross-sections cartons per hour in sizes ranging from 177ml to 1.15 liters (6 oz to 38 oz). ESL (Extended Shelf Life) features including enclosures, HEPA, auto sanitize, self-contained CIP, self-contained chemical sterilization, and low level H2O2 carton sanitization with UV light, help maintain product quality for HTST processed refrigerated products. Representatives from International Paper will also be on hand to discuss printing capabilities, barrier boards, SPOUT-PAK, marketing services, inventory tracking, and new development products.

Evergreen Packaging Equipment

The new MilkoScan Minor debuted at the show. It is a low-cost alternative to Foss' tradi-tional MilkoScan. The company also featured its FoodScan Lab (for the lab) and FoodScan Pro (for the production floor). Currently there are 83 units in the field. This unique testing machine is pre-calibrated to measure fat, moisture, protein, salt and fat-on-a-dry-basis in cheese, yogurt and butter. It does all this in less than a minute.

Foss North America

MicroThermics' Direct/Indirect Processor (DIP) system combines direct and indirect heating with vacuum cooling into one machine. The capabilities of this system include HTST and UHT pasteurization, along with aseptic and extended shelflife processing. The system can process a variety of liquid and viscous products including milk, flavored dairy drinks, nutritional supplements, ice cream mix, juice concentrates, fruits juices and drinks, tea, coffee, pudding, cheese sauce and more.

MicroThermics Inc.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas showcased its newest lineof vanillas, which are designed to re-duce costs in the light of increasing prices for vanilla. The company's complete line of pure vanilla ex-tracts includes rich and mellow Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla; classic, flavorful Mexican pure va-nilla; pungent, woody Indonesian pure vanilla; and musky, aromatic Tahitian pure vanilla. The com-pany also manufactures 100%-certified organic Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla extract.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Norse Dairy Systems debuted the IntelliFill, a real-time process measurement for the novelty manufacturing industry. There are in-line weighing stations located in different areas of the ma-chine to weigh the amount of each component put in the final novelty product. The scales identify products that fall out of the norm in weight. By having that information real-time, adjustments can be made immediately to be on target.

Norse Dairy Systems

Orafti showed a variety of healthful products made with Raftiline® and Raftilose® fiber ingredients, including Stonyfield Farms' Smoothie. A recent study at Baylor College of Medicine has demonstrated that 8g a day of the enriched inulin ingredient Raftilose® Synergy 1 increased calcium absorption by 20%.

Orafti Active Food Ingredients

SPI Polyols discussed how Maltisweet™ Maltitol Solution can directly replace sucrose in no-sugar-added premium ice cream. Maltitol is 90% as sweet as sucrose and functions similarly to sucrose. It can be used as the sole sweetening agent without adjusting the formulation or manufacturing parameters used for a sucrose formulation.

SPI Polyols Inc.

The new Powerphase Plus Metal Detectorwas on display from Safeline Metal Detection along with other metal detection and X-Ray equipment in the new Safeline mobile lab. Safeline has achieved the largest installed base of USDA Certified systems in the food processing industry. These metal detection systems meet the latest 3A Sanitary Standards and USDA Dairy requirements. Additionally, Safeline manufactures its metal detection systems to meet HACCP and FDA requirements as well as exceed NEMA 4X/IP66 washdown specifications. Available as options on all its field-proven conveyorized metal detectors and pipeline systems, Safeline meets or exceeds the most stringent sanitary demands of dairy, meat and other food processing industries while supplying solutions that minimize metal contamination in packaged or loose products. With stainless steel construction, continuously welded joints free of imperfections, the system design meets requirements for sanitary product contact surfaces as well as exceeds the criteria for a variety of additional sanitary standards. The Safeline Extreme detector enclosure is built to withstand repeated high temperature, high-pressure washdown. Safeline has designed its detectors to be impervious to water intrusion, moisture and dust.

Safeline Metal Detection
813/889 9500

Sensient promoted its eggnog bases by giving the drinks a little ethnic spin with the sampling of Dulce de Leche eggnog. The company also promoted its portfolio of smoothie formulations.

Sensient Flavors

An upgradeable tank cleaning systemthat is designed specifically to optimize the performance of spray nozzles and motorized tank washers was introduced by Spraying Systems Co., and its turnkey systems division AutoJet Technologies. System components include an AutoJet Spray Controller, a specially selected pump and an engineered process control package. The turnkey system is field upgradeable to add both chemical injection and liquid recirculation features to automatically maintain consistent tank cleaning results and offer significant cost savings. Some manufacturers have reported savings of up to $50,000 per tank per year, the company says. Manufacturers can determine their potential cost savings with an automated tank cleaning system by going to and using the Tank Washing Calculator

Spraying Systems Co.

A new Constant Pressure Valve was featured by Südmo. What makes this different from the competition is that Südmo's Constant Pressure Valve is available in more sizes-from 1.5 inches to 4.0 inches-and has a stainless steel regulating cone instead of a diaphragm. The valve is designed to maintain a constant pressure at the valve inlet. This valve is applicable in any process where it is necessary to maintain a constant pressure under varying operating conditions, such as a skim milk pressure control on a milk separator. The regulating cone inside the valve automatically adjusts instantly to maintain a pre-set pressure regardless of fluctuations that may occur on the outlet side of the valve. Südmo's Constant Pressure Valve is authorized to carry the 3A symbol and uses standard, easy-to-maintain seals, which eliminate many of the problems associated with typical diaphragm valves. Like Südmo's many other valves, the Constant Pressure Valve features a maintenance-free actuator, a pocket free design housing, and a one-piece machined body.


The Tetra Plast™ LFA-20 Aseptic Filling Technologyused at Jasper Products in Joplin, Mo., was part of Tetra Pak's offerings at Worldwide Food Expo. The LFA-20 is the first FDA accepted linear aseptic filler for HDPE bottles in commercial use for low acid food and beverages. With the technology, Tetra Pak customers can now commercially fill low acid products into HDPE plastic containers and distribute them without refrigeration. This technology offers consumers the convenient, safe and portable products they demand, with the high-quality taste and nutritional delivery provided by aseptic technology. With this development, Tetra Pak can help manufacturers to take low-acid products to more places and consumer usage occasions, through more channels than ever before. Tetra Pak's aseptic HDPE solution provides new options for low-acid products with dairy ingredients such as flavored milks, infant formulas, nutritional drinks and prepared foods, to reach consumers in outlets such as convenience stores, mass merchandisers, club stores, foodservice and vending. Many manufacturers that are currently packaging products in metal or glass can now use aseptic HDPE bottles that are lighter and have more flexibility in bottle shape, size and design for product differentiation, shelf impact and brand image.

Tetra Pak

Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Virginia Dare featured quite the spread. Beverages sampled included Mango Guava Pink Lemonade, Wildberry Milk and Lime Green Tea. From the freezer, the company featured Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, Gingerbread ice cream and Cantaloupe sorbet.

Virginia Dare

Weber Scientific introduced the LactiCheck, a milk analyzer that tests for fat, solids, protein, density and added water in just 85 seconds. Based upon established ultrasound technology, the instrument does not require costly chemicals or reagents to run it.

Weber Scientific

Side bar: Danisco Announces 2004 Knowledge Awards

Danisco USA Inc., New Century, Kan., is living up to its company tag line "First you add knowledge," with the inauguration of the 2004 Knowledge Award, a new product contest for academic institutions. The goal of the competition is in line with Danisco's company mission: To accommodate consumer demand for healthy, safe and tasty food.

"Danisco sees this contest as a way to support innovation, help us to promote strong links between universities and encourage innovative approaches to some of the challenges faced by the food industry," says Mike Parsons, sales and marketing dir.

To kick off the event, Danisco sponsored a cocktail reception during Worldwide Food Expo on October 30th. Tjerk de Ruiter, Danisco's president of the Americas explained contest details to 72 people in attendance, including representatives from Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan State, Florida, The University of Manitoba, Penn State, Louisiana State and Mississippi State.

The contest, open to junior, senior or graduate students at four-year accredited colleges with declared majors in food science or related disciplines, encourages the development of innovative new food and beverage products using at least one Danisco ingredient.

"It's a unique concept," says Parsons. "Students get to test their ideas in a commercial environment, while gaining exposure to companies within the food industry."

Danisco has made several resources available to interested participants, including a special Website:

Entries will be judged on a variety of criteria by a five- to 10-member panel consisting of food industry professionals. Awards are $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second and $2,000 for third. Winners will be presented at the 2004 New Products Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., on October 10-13. Entries must be received no later than Jan. 15.

The 2004 Knowledge Award is presented in conjunction with Prepared Foods and Dairy Foods Magazines. For more information, contact JoAnn Rupp at 800/255-6837 x1301.

Side Bar: Portola Packaging Unveils Innovative Products at WWFE

Portola Packaging Inc., Batavia, Ill., introduced not one, but three of its most innovative products to date at this year's Worldwide Food Expo.

The Fusion cap is designed to give consumers an opportunity to enhance drinks by adding flavor or vitamin components with the twist of a cap. Smart Flow is a revolutionary new closure technology that represents a breakthrough in no-spill and no-leak packaging. Finally, a new two-piece, snap-on screw cap for bottles features an easy-to-open pull ring, and a resealable screw top, similar to what is used for top-line gable top fitments.

With the Fusion cap, consumers are able mix a powder, tablet or liquid additive into the drink at the point of use. The design could extend the life of beverages and the potency of the additives by keeping them separate until ready for consumption.

"This is a revolutionary cap destined to change the way people perceive bottled drinks," said Jim Taylor, president and COO of Portola Packaging. "The possibilities are endless and that, in addition to the fact that we've made it easy for bottlers to use will prove positive for the future of this closure."

A two-piece resealable closure, Fusion caps are easy to use. With a twist of the cap, the closure will release the additive into the drink. The caps can be designed to standard neck finished for PET and HDPE bottle systems.

The Smart Flow, which is designed for pouch and drink box applications, will not spill or drip because it incorporates a one-way valve activated by the consumer. When one stops drinking, the liquid flow shuts off, so there is no mess and no need for an overcap to reseal the product. Further, pressure from being dropped or squeezed, under normal circumstances, will not cause leaks.

The introduction of the new snap cap follows increasing market demand for a reliable, one-step bottle closure that does not require the use of special capping equipment. The closure is an attractive solution for packages containing pourable liquids because of its cleanliness, as well as its marked ability to clearly show evidence of tampering-a concern that research shows is very forward in the minds of consumers. Independent research clearly shows a strong preference for the plastic ring pull system, which is commonly seen on orange juice cartons.