DCT Series Pneumatic Grippers from Omega Engineering are angular grippers with a 180-degree jaw opening allowing complete release of a directly fed part. Gripper forces range from 7.5 to 25 pounds. These pneumatic grippers are compact and designed for confined spaces and harsh environments due to the shielding that repels chips and other particulate from the internal drive mechanism. Plus, these grippers can be used up to 5 million cycles in typical applications and 10 million with maintenance at -30 to 180°F.
Omega Engineering Inc.

Axon introduced ThermoRay, a radiant heat shrink tunnel that can be mounted directly onto most conveyors, eliminating the need to purchase a separate stand. Operators adjust the tunnel’s height with an integrated hydraulic lift. A blower helps to ensure even heat distribution for uniform film shrinkage. ThermoRay’s design gives customers the flexibility of using the tunnel for both tamper banding and shrink sleeve labeling. Plus, the new tunnel reduces overall energy cost by lowering electricity requirements by 20%.
Axon Corp., a division of Pro Mach

SIG Combibloc introduced carton packs with a perforation that extends all the way across the top, enabling consumers to open the pack across the top without the use of additional tools and to obtain every last drop of the product. Suitable for chunky and highly viscous products, the combiblocCompact is the first package to contain this perforation. It comes in 200- to 500-millimeter volumes and can be filled using one single filling machine. In addition, the carton gable rises five millimeters higher, giving the consumer a firmer grip when opening.
SIG Combibloc Inc.

Hanna Instruments introduced the HI 900 Series titration systems, offering complete solutions for sample analysis. The innovative 900 Series can perform any kind of potentiometric, redox and precipitation titration, features 100 pre-programmed user methods and can conduct end-point and inflection-point titrations. During the titration, temperature and measurement units are displayed or the user can choose to activate real-time graphing that shows the exact curve profile of the titration on screen. Other features include: Hanna’s Clip-Lock exchangeable burette system, automatic burette volume recognition and a programmable propeller stirrer with integral feedback control.
Hanna Instruments Inc.

Buchi introduced NIRMaster, a stand-alone FT-NIR spectrometer designed with hygiene in mind, making it a tool of choice for routine quality control work in harsh environments. The NIRMaster is available in food-grade polymer and stainless-steel housings and includes a built-in PC, as well as ready-to-use calibrations for the food, feed, dairy, meat and bakery industries. Its internal laser reference eliminates the need for frequent, expensive instrument standardizations, saving users time and money.  
Buchi Corp.

Heat and Control introduced the CEIA THS 21e metal detector, designed to continuously test and calibrate itself to maintain peak inspection performance. Its one-button sensitivity preview provides an estimate of the size and contaminant material and its easy-to-use auto-learn system accurately scans products in one pass, reducing set-up time and inspection errors. It also features an electronic platform for superior stability, a stainless-steel casing and keyboard and conformal-coated circuit boards for IP65K washdown.
Heat and Control Inc.

R & D Ingredients
Hydrosol developed a new system of dietary fibers, giving low-fat milk drinks a creamier mouthfeel. Stabisol GR AI is a functional system that consists of vegetable fibers and reduces fat by up to 50% and lowers formulation costs.
Hydrosol Produktionsgesellschaft mbH & Co.
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