TIC Pretested Dairyblend IC LC Baseis a unique stabilizer blend that the typical ice cream processor can use in low-fat, standard and low-carbohydrate ice cream. A typical ice cream would contain as much as 16g carbohydrates. With Dairyblend IC LC Base you can attain a 40% reduction in carbohydrates. The finished lower-carbohydrate ice cream still delivers all the qualities of a standard full-fat ice cream while giving the consumer the reduced-carbohydrates they are searching for.

TIC Gums

CEM Products
The R&D 100 Award-winning Smart System 5™provides automated moisture/solids analysis in minutes! The temperature feedback system controls the microwave energy to maintain a user-defined temperature set point for verifiable temperature control and repeatable conditions for every test. Incoming line voltage is also monitored and fluctuations normalized, providing consistent results unit-to-unit and site-to-site. The Smart System 5 can analyze a variety of samples including solids, powders or slurries. The user-friendly software provides pre-programmed methods and help screens to guide the operator through a test. The system is ideal for process and quality control, as well as testing raw materials, intermediate and finished products.

CEM Products

Danisco introduces an orange juice alternative for low-carb dieters. Created with Danisco's citrus flavors and ingredients, the product contains one-third less carbohydrates than regular orange juice and delivers the same nutrients and natural, fresh taste consumers have enjoyed for years.


To meet the demand for coffee extracts, Autocrat has purchased a multi-million dollar custom state-of-the-art extraction system. The addition of this equipment substantially increases volume capacity and gives Autocrat, a leading producer of coffee ingredients, a continued advantage in the flavored dairy beverages category. Autocrat develops custom extracts and creates and launches new coffee products. The coffee extracts are made using an all-natural extraction process, and carefully roasted select beans are extracted to their fullest flavor potential.


Spiral Biotech
Spiral Biotech, a leader in micro-biologysolutions for food, dairy and environmental sciences, introduces the Color QCount colony counter. The new system provides rapid color bacterial colony screening without the additional cost of purchasing color-differentiated counting systems. The Color QCount unit incorporates a high-resolution digital CCD camera and advanced software to identify and colorize even the most difficult bacterial strains to count, such as Streptococcus pneumoniae and Listeria species.

Spiral Biotech

Sidebar: Acquisition in Caramel

D.D. Williamson, the world leader in caramel color, has acquired Cargill's Cerestar caramel color operation in Manchester, England. The agreement with Europe's largest glucose manufacturer strengthens D.D. Williamson's global supply operations and expands its product line to customers, advancing a supplier partnership between Cargill and D.D. Williamson in existence for decades. D.D. Williamson will source glucose syrup via pipeline from Cargill's Cerestar starch refinery in Manchester to manufacture a broader line of caramel color and burnt sugar products for global markets. With the acquisition, D.D. Williamson will now operate two European production facilities. Cargill and D.D. Williamson were each founded in 1865. Both companies are privately held with head offices located in the United States. For more information visitwww.caramel.com.

Sidebar: Kerry Acquires Quest

Kerry, the Irish food ingredients, flavors and consumer foods group entered into an agreement to acquire Quest Food Ingredients from the ICI Group. Quest Food Ingredients supplies products to pharmaceutical, culinary, snack, bakery, dairy and confectionery markets worldwide.

Sidebar: Innovation Roadshow Scheduled for October

Mark your calendar! Philadelphia-based David Michael & Co., a leading flavor and stabilizer manufacturer, has announced plans for its next Innovation Roadshow™ on Tuesday, October 5 in Philadelphia. Blending together components of research and development into a one-day seminar, David Michael is offering those who attend a unique opportunity in product development insight. The Roadshow is designed to inspire creativity and innovation, while providing an educational forum to introduce unique flavors and trends from around the globe.

Highlighted at this year's event is special guest Bryan Urbick of the Consumer Knowledge Centre, a market and consumer research agency well known for its work with children, parents and "Prime-Timers." A dynamic speaker, Bryan is recruited by top companies to conduct consumer research. He is recognized throughout the food and beverage industry for his unique work with children entitled KidsLink™.

Utilizing these KidsLink methodologies, Bryan and his colleagues will work with school children to evaluate current market products and develop ideas for new products, focusing on the subject of health and good nutrition. The young people will deliver their findings at the Roadshow, identifying ways to develop better "healthy-eating" products. They will also present their suggestions for product improvement, marketing and communication.

Kicking off the program will be "Focus on Flavor Fundamentals," an introductory course designed to guide you through the fascinating world of flavors. A wide array of information regarding the development, usage, labeling and regulation of flavors will be covered, providing insight into the vital role that flavors play in the development of food and beverage products.

And, of course, the Roadshow would not be complete without the idea that started it all-the Innovation Showcase. Every year, David Michael shows innovative ideas developed by a worldwide technical staff, using the latest ingredients, presenting cost-saving ideas and exhibiting the company's core strengths in flavor, texture and technical ingenuity. Past Roadshows have yielded such ideas as Jamaican ices, wine smoothies, savory trail mix bars, waffles-on-the-go, mojito water ice and Amazonian ice cream.

Attendance is free. For more information call 215/632-3100.