There are several different types of liquid filling machines that dairy packaging lines can utilize, including a variety of liquid fillers or gravity and pressure gravity fillers, depending on the type of product being packaged.

The type of filler used will depend on the type of liquid product that you want to fill, with a wide range of choices available for any application. While pressure and pressure gravity fillers are specific types of liquid fillers, there are others available depending on the viscosity of the liquid.


Liquid fillers for low- or high-viscosity dairy liquid products

There is a variety of liquid filling machinery available to fill many different types of liquid dairy products. These include:

Pump fillers

Pump fillers are designed to fill liquids of low-, medium-, or high-viscosity into many different types of containers. Pump fillers could work using different types of pumps, including gear pumps, rotor pumps, lobe pumps, and progressive cavity pumps, or others. Different parts such as valves and fittings will also vary depending on the application.

Piston fillers

Piston fillers are ideal for packaging more viscous liquids, with accurate and fast fill rates, and versatility of design that makes them capable of gently handling a wide variety of liquid products. They’re often used to fill thick liquids such as sauces, batters, icing, pastes and aerated liquids. The liquids packaged with these fillers are typically squeezed through pastry bags or other similar types of packaging.

Net weigh fillers

Net weigh liquid fillers are designed for use in applications that require consistent fill levels across all containers. They are often used in bulk product packaging, along with high-value products that require consistent accuracy when packaging to avoid loss of profits.

Overflow fillers

Overflow filling systems are used to fill a variety of thin- to low-viscosity liquids. Similar to net weigh fillers, they are ideal for applications that require a consistent fill level, making them good for use when filling transparent containers. Vacuum overflow fillers are also available for filling small volume glass containers or other specialty applications.


Gravity and pressure gravity fillers for various liquids

For liquid dairy products of low- to medium-viscosity, gravity and pressure gravity fillers are typically used. While gravity filling systems are normally used to fill thin and foamy products, pressure gravity fillers are capable of filling more viscous fluids.

There are many different thick liquids that can utilize pressure gravity fillers across a variety of applications, including:

  • Liquid cheeses
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Syrups
  • SAE 70 oil
  • Glues

There are two main types of pressure gravity fillers that dairy facilities can use, including traditional pressure gravity filling machines that are fully integrated in packaging systems, along with table top pressure fillers that are used in low-volume applications. Like other types of liquid fillers, pressure gravity fillers are designed today for simple and efficient installation and setup, with parts that are easily removed for easy cleaning and replacement.

Pressure gravity fillers are also capable of filling a wide variety of containers of all shapes and sizes, depending on the packaging specifications of the product.


Other fillers for specialty applications

In addition to pressure gravity fillers and other liquid filling machines for food and nonfood items, there are certain types of fillers available to meet the needs of other applications with additional specifications and packaging requirements.

Corrosive filling machines

Normally constructed entirely out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), corrosive fillers are designed to function in environments that are highly corrosive. Liquids such as acids could cause damage to filling machines over time, but the use of these specialized machines can help avoid costly corrosion and eliminate the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Molten fillers

Certain molten products such as candles will require machinery capable of handling hot liquid products that only cool and harden following the filling process. In these instances, molten filling machines will be required to handle high-temperature liquids without risking any damage or safety hazards.


Implement a complete system that meets your needs

Whether you require pressure gravity fillers or other types of filling equipment, there are plenty of options for every application. With the selection of the right machinery and professional installation, facilities can benefit from efficient filling processes that minimize the risk of breakdowns and downtime that could otherwise result in loss of product and profits.

Ultimately, there is a solution for every type of liquid dairy product, which packaging experts can help you design and implement while maintaining cost-effectiveness in your facility.