National Starch Food Innovation in June launched Precisa Cream 10, a starch-based optimized texture system said to reduce or replace milk-fat in dairy products while enhancing creaminess.
To demonstrate its ability to offer a rich, creamy eating experience in a healthier food product, the company distributed samples of a nonfat yogurt made with Precisa Cream 10 and NutraFlora, a natural prebiotic soluble fiber from Corn Products International’s GTC Nutrition business unit.
“Finally there’s a way to replace high-calorie, expensive dairy fat without making products watery, chalky, or gummy,” said Suzanne Mutz-Darwell, Senior Market Development Manager, Texture for National Starch. “Precisa Cream 10 lets dairy processors create tastier, more appealing low-fat and non-fat products that mimic the texture and eating experience of full-fat versions while delivering an improved nutritional profile.”  Precisa Cream 10 was developed with the use of National Starch Food Innovation’s Dial-in Texture Technology, which translates consumer insights and data from the company’s world-class Sensory Team into robust, predictable formulations.
“Our patent-pending technology creates functionality that allows Precisa Cream 10 to impart the key textural attributes (mouth-coating, oral viscosity, soft gel structure) associated with the creaminess that consumers desire in a dairy product,” said Mutz-Darwell. “It can cut costs for dairy processors by replacing more expensive ingredients, and it labels simply as ‘modified food starch,’ which is a familiar ingredient to most yogurt consumers.”
The new ingredient was designed to deliver consumer-preferred texture; be compatible with current processes; withstand the high temperature and shear profiles typically associated with HTST/UHT processes; and maintain product quality throughout its shelf life via stability and syneresis control.

National Starch Food Innovation