TIC Gums has a new product that can replace guar gum on a one to one basis for instant (powdered) beverages. Ticaloid GE 306 is a blend that significantly reduces the overall use of guar gum. This is accomplished while also improving the thickness of the finished beverage, a function that guar alone cannot provide. Ticaloid GE 306 is for instant beverages like lemonade and other powdered drinks. This new technology is but one of many outcomes research and development at TIC Gums provides.
There are many uses for guar gum outside the food and beverage business, principally requirements from the oil and gas industry. As different types of drilling incorporate guar gum in their processes, availability of this finite resource is further constrained. Since TIC Gums is not simply a gum supplier, it is not limited by the availability of a single product. Focus on the fundamental characteristics of texture leads to new, customized gum systems like Ticaloid GE 306.
Demand for guar gum is up over 200% compared to 2010 and tight availability will continue in the immediate future. “The guar gum supply challenge in 2011 was shaped by both raw material availability and the industry’s production capacity to manage such a sudden and significant increase in demand, said Gregory C. (Greg) Andon, president of TIC Gums. “There is a ‘bottleneck’ around the overall guar industry’s manufacturing capacity, which will remain a challenge no matter what happens to the availability of guar seeds. The bottom line is that without a reduction in demand, 2012 supply limits and historically high prices are still expected.”
Ticaloid GE 306 actually improves the overall mouth feel of instant lemonade because the thickness is slightly greater than that accomplished using only guar. This blend of ingredients, still containing reduced levels of guar, is cold water soluble and has comparable qualities of 100% guar gum. Ticaloid GE 306 provides a clean flavor profile and improved mouth feel over guar gum.
Beverages were also evaluated for the overall textural effects. According to food scientists at TIC Gums, the guar gum beverage contained a noticeable “beany flavor.” The texture was thick up front but cleared from the mouth quickly. Ticaloid GE 306 had a cleaner flavor profile. The low thickness made it easy to swallow with slightly slower mouth clearing, allowing the flavors to linger in the mouth longer.

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