Danisco has put together a comprehensive program of cost-cutting solutions designed to beat the recession.

A wealth of opportunities to produce ice cream on a smaller budget
Ice cream manufacturers can be sure to keep ice cream an affordable luxury with the latest package of recession-safe solutions from Danisco. Primarily dedicated to reducing raw material costs, the solutions are devoted to promoting the continued growth of the global ice cream market.

Fat reduction is one of the most effective ways to cut the cost of ice cream manufacture. In ice cream formulations based on vegetable fat, the fat content typically represents around 20% of total raw material costs. With formulations containing dairy fat, the figure rises to more than 50%.

Cut the fat
Danisco offers two flavor-neutral ranges for reduced fat ice cream. CREMODAN IcePro restores the structure and mouthfeel of ice cream with up to 75% less vegetable or dairy fat, whereas CREMODAN 800 CREAMLINE provides a high level of creaminess.

“Using these solutions, ice cream manufacturers can both cut costs and respond to the growing market demand for low-fat ice cream,” says Torben Vilsgaard, ice cream application specialist at Danisco.

Turn up the volume
Another member of the CREMODAN range is CREMODAN Hi-Whip, which enables ice cream manufacturers to increase overrun and reduce the level of raw materials in their ice cream. Typical defects, such as shrinkage and reduced storage stability, are eliminated by the strong emulsifying properties of this emulsifier/stabilizer blend.

Smoother budgets
Although milk prices have dropped back following the shortage that dogged manufacturers some 18 months ago, price fluctuations can still make budgeting difficult. Milk solids replacement with whey powder and CREMODAN 1001 IcePro enables the production of smooth, high quality ice cream with no detectable quality difference for consumers.

CREMODAN IcePro can also be used for effective shelf-life extension, maintaining ice cream quality throughout storage.

Emulsifier/stabilizer blends may account for a lesser part of overall raw material costs, but even here, Danisco has a cost-saving solution with CREMODAN SE 09 ECO, which secures a rich, full-bodied ice cream with high melting resistance.

Strong combinations
“Combinations of our cost-reduction strategies make it possible to obtain raw material savings of 10-20%. This is where our knowledge of emulsifier/stabilizer blends really comes in to identify the optimal solution for our customers,” Vilsgaard adds.

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