Processors are invited to participate in a special webcast on Tuesday, November 3 at 3 p.m. (ET) to learn about a new joint MilkPEP and National Dairy Council campaign developed to share the facts on flavored milk and to rally moms in support of its place in school lunchrooms.

New changes proposed by some schools and activist groups call for the removal of flavored milk due to concerns about added sugars. Many proponents for the changes in schools claim that flavored milk contributes to the nation’s climbing rates of obesity among school-age children.

However, research shows that:
·    Children who drink chocolate milk have better quality diets, do not have higher sugar intakes, fat or calories and are not heavier than children who drink non-flavored milk.
·    Milk is essential for good health and kids drink more when it’s flavored.
·    When flavored milk was removed from a school district in Connecticut, overall milk selection dropped by as much as 67%.

Mounting evidence supports the continued availability of nutrient-rich flavored milk in schools, and leading health and nutrition organizations recognize the valuable role that milk, including low-fat and non-fat flavored milk, can play in children’s diets. Processors are urged to get involved in the new campaign that will rally moms to support keeping chocolate milk in schools by providing them with the facts and science about chocolate milk’s role in healthy school lunches.

Join MilkPEP and the National Dairy Council to learn how you can get involved in this important campaign.
Go to to register.Enter your name and email address and the meeting password: milk123PEP. Onscreen prompts will guide you to join the audio portion of the webcast.