Join Doug Adams of Prime Consulting Group and the MilkPEP staff for a Webcast to review the findings of the All Channel Tracking (ACT) Report on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 4 p.m. EST.  Visit to find out more about how to participate.
MilkPEP engaged Prime Consulting to develop and implement an All Channel Tracking program to provide accurate projections of fluid milk sales in gallons for each major channel of distribution. Industry data tells us that 60% of fluid milk sales are sold through traditional channels including grocery stores and drug stores, as well as mass merchandisers.
The information in the newly released All Channel Tracking Study offers never-before-seen information on what has been the most dynamic and growing part of our the business for the past four years: the other 40%. 

In the coming months, in-depth analysis of the ACT Report will be offered through Webcasts for specific channels including schools, convenience/grocery stores, food service (restaurant) and non-restaurant foodservice.