Fogg Filler, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, had big success bringing big machines to Pack Expo in Chicago.

Johanna Foods, the owner of this new filling system, proudly allowed Fogg to display the ultimate Extended Shelf Life filling system at the recent Pack Expo.  The model F6.2 FG-268 boasts of having Fogg’s newest valve, the Tri-line Extended CIP Valve and most precise Cap-N-Head Capper.  This machine is loaded with Fogg’s Extended Shelf Life (ESL) options.  The Fogg Semi-Automatic One-Way Recovery Trough greatly reduces product changeover and CIP time.  Fogg has coupled the Sanibar and Base Flush systems to rinse away debris and/or product off the base, bowl, and valve tips of the filling environment.  The dual Rinsers provide maximum contact time ensuring high kill ratios.  The vertical cap sorter (VSE-18) feeds the Chemical Cap Sanitizer which sanitizes caps for an additional level of cleanliness.  To complete the ESL package this filler has a class 100 HEPA enclosure to ensure safety and sanitation.  This filling system drew attendees’ worldwide and helped make Fogg’s show a huge success.