The Cryovac® BL-110 is a fully automatic bag loader developed to load Italian cheese products into Cryovac® taped bags. The system is equipped with a high-speed belt that accelerates the cheese into opened bags at speeds of up to 35 cycles per minute. The bags are automatically advanced and opened, enabling processors to benefit from improved operational efficiency and reduced handling. The BL-110 includes a bag rack and indexer that pulls out for quick and easy bag changeover and can load rectangular and round cheese, like mozzarella and provolone, into bags ranging from 8 and one-half inches to 11and one-half inches wide and from 18 inches to 30 inches long.

Cryovac, Seal-Air Corp.

Successful sealing on capless and "snap-on" containers is now possible with Enercon's new pressure-belt system. This system allows induction sealing for tamper-evidence, leak protection, and freshness, to be used where it was once otherwise impossible. Inner seals are either placed onto the capless containers or reside in the "snap-on" cap as inserted by the cap manufacturer. For capless containers the belt holds the seals in place as the containers are conveyed through the induction sealing field. Capped containers are likewise captured from above by the pressure-belt. The belt applies pressure on the top of the cap forcing the cap to hold the inner seal in place during the sealing process. The system's pressure-belt maintains contact with the seal or cap throughout the entire sealing process. Torque-free "snap-on" cap sealing benefits include reduced on-cap torque requirements, elimination of retorquing, and clean and efficient induction technology.

Enercon Industries Corp.

The new VARIFLUX 6000, a second generation sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter (EFM) is available from Krohne Inc. This high performance EFM is applicable for use in a wide range of industries necessitating a sterile flow solution including, food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries.

The new VARIFLUX 6000 features a patented L-shaped sealing ring with a uni-directional trapezoidal lip. That minimizes bacterial growth potential by preventing expansion of the rubber seal into the measuring tube. The unique sealing ring was developed in close cooperation with 3A and the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). With an ultra-smooth measuring tube liner made from FDA-compliant Teflon™-PFA, the new VARIFLUX 6000 allows for easy maintenance. Made exclusively from FDA compliant materials, all wetted parts of the new VARIFLUX 6000 are ideal for CIP and SIP cleaning. The fully welded stainless steel housing ensures high resistance to corrosive attack from the most aggressive cleaning agents and is designed for easy cleaning. Krohne is a global technology leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost effective level and flow measurement products for the process industries.


Alfa Laval has released a new four-color six-page brochure on the ViscoLine™ line of tubular heat exchangers for viscous products. Entitled When the GoingGets Viscous - the Tubular Heat Exchangers From Alfa Laval, the brochure describes six tubular heat exchanger models which can be used for heating, cooling, pasteurization, UHT treatment and regeneration. ViscoLine tubular heat exchangers incorporate corrugated tubes or other advanced profiles designed to increase the turbulence in the flow of the liquid. This substantially increases the overall heat transfer coefficient.

Alfa Laval Inc.