Plant Equipment


POLYPACK Inc.'s new non-stop print registered shrink-wrapper from Baumer is a multi-pack shrink wrapper to handle products with shrink film, flat cardboard and/or tray, and carton case packers. Features include the ability to pack products with or without partitions, and a simple-to-use touch screen. The company claims users will realize a 5% production increase and more than 15% film savings. The unit can handle up to 80 cartons per minute.


SciLog's VitaPump system provides automatic, high-precision metering of vitamins by weight and documentation of vitamin usage for QC, compliance and inventory. Amount of dispensed vitamin, long-term usage rate displayed, printed and archived on PC or with a printer that plugs directly into VitaPump. Typical precision and long-term accuracy at 0.5%.

SciLog, Inc.

Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. introduces additional sizes and body materials in its "PS" line of Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valves. Previously offered in Grade 1, Type 1 PVC, the PS valve is now available in Corzanr CPVC, polypropylene, and Kynarr PVDF in sizes from 1/2" through 3". The new valve body materials, in combination with either Vitonr or EPDM seals, make the PS suitable for high-purity and corrosive liquid applications. With inlet pressure ratings to 140 psi, back pressures to 70 psi and CV's from 5.2 to 80, the PS is ideal for controlling flow to spray nozzles, high-pressure chemical injections, batch filling and high volume transfer applications. One safety feature is the patented Fail-Dryr design, which provides advance visual warning of a primary seal malfunction while allowing the valve to continue in full operation.

Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

The FLI™ Series High Level Palletizers from Priority One are modular and available in every configuration to satisfy low-speed and high-speed production lines handling a range of cases, crates or shrink-wrapped bundles or trays. The in-line FLI, which features a Full Layer Infeed, can palletize in excess of six layers per minute and 100 cases per minute. The right-angle FLI, which features a Row Forming Infeed, can palletize in excess of five layers per minute and 60 cases per minute. Both models can be equipped with either a Mat Top or Roller Surface. The FLI High Level Palletizers are designed for fast and easy changeover. Product recipes can be pre-programmed, enabling product-specific machine parameters to be quickly recalled. Priority One can equip the FLI Palletizer with either a ControlLogix or SLC Controller. Other possible options include DeviceNet and Ethernet communications.

Priority One Packaging Ltd.
800/387 9102

A new Media Milling Brochure from Premier Mill describes how the company can create a milling configuration for a specialty wet processing application. Premier Mill manufactures three continuous Horizontal Media Mills - HM, SM and QM Series, plus the batch type PSM Submersible "Basket" Media Mill. Each is suited to a particular type of media milling application. The correct dispersion device is selected after analyzing properties of the customer's product (viscosity, particle size, vehicle system, etc.).

SPX Process Equipment

Omron's ZS smart measurement sensor combines two-dimensional CMOS imaging with precise laser measurement to create a high-speed, high-sensitivity inspection system. Its 110µs response time and 0.25µm resolution enable it to inspect moving workpieces and capture data on the fly, while the customizable gain setting lets users optimize performance for specific environmental conditions. The ZS features simple modular plug-and-play ease of installation as well as separate sensing heads and amplifiers. Five sensor heads are available for the ZS, for distances ranging from 20 to 200 mm, and measuring ranges from +/-1 to +/-50 mm. Two regular reflection heads handle transparent and mirror-surface workpieces; three diffuse reflection heads measure black rubber and dark plastic workpieces. Data is transferred between the sensing head and amplifier via high-speed interface with no signal degradation. All heads are rated IP67 to withstand washdown for measurements in harsh environments.

Omron Electronics LLC

The Tetra Spiraflo® CIP/Water Heater range of multi-tubular heat exchangers is designed for simple heating applications such as CIP solutions, hot water sets, and ingredient water or other similar applications where only a small amount of surface area is required. Four standard sizes are available ranging from 6 to 10 feet, depending on the application. These units can be easily mounted in the vertical or horizontal positions depending on available space. Features include:
floating tube bundle reduces thermal fatigue; module can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position; inner tube bundles and can be easily inspected; tube and shell material are 316 stainless steel; easy maintenance of media and product gaskets.

Tetra Pak

Lantech has developed a fully integrated RFID tag-reading capability for stretch wrappers in a collaborative effort with supply chain management company Exel. The Q-300 semiautomatic stretch wrapper is proving to be a suitable chassis for integration of RFID tag-reading hardware. The machine has a Symbol Technologies XR400RFID reader and Symbol AN400 area antennas on adjustable brackets attached to the roll carriage. Lantech will create a retrofit package to allow existing machines to be upgraded for RFID tag reading with various manufacturers' hardware. Lantech is working with leading companies in the market to create an 'open' system that will allow customers to use any RFID or warehouse management system they choose.