Tampa, Fla.,-based Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc. introduces its full line of metal detector performance verification samples and kits.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline

Tampa, Fla.,-based Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc. introducesits full line of metal detector performance verification samples and kits. These allow plant personnel to test the performance of any manufacturer's metal detectors to ensure that product quality standards are being met.

Additionally, the company's new Metal Detection & X-ray Inspection Information Kit includes a white paper entitled, Contaminant Detection: Making the Right Choice, which reviews the state of the art in product inspection technology and the major differences between metal detectors and x-ray equipment. Designed as a mini-filebox, the kit also includes specific information on Mettler-Toledo Safeline equipment, performance testing samples, services and a free product test offer. The free product test offer enables prospective users to visit with or send their products to the company's Product Testing Laboratory in Tampa for comparative testing with both inspection technologies.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline


With an Osgood patented servo driven filler, fill accuracy of plus or minus half a percent is achieved on all products without inclusions, claims the company. A servo can control the fill by starting slowly to reduce splash, speed up through the middle of the fill cycle and then end slowly, providing the best scenario for the ideal fill. And, the nozzle can be programmed.


Fogg Co. of Holland, Mich. introducesa High Speed Microb-Blaster, created so that high-speed, 2-6 log reductions of micro-organisms can be achieved. The system is capable of sanitizing bottles or caps in a dry, residue-free environment, which eliminates the need for a supply chemical system and chemical disposal. The system is designed to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of undesirable live micro-organisms in the bottles and/or caps. The cap system is located in the track, which transports caps from the feeder/elevator to the capper. This system can sanitize caps with speeds up to 1,200 caps per minute.

Additionally, the Fogg Tri-Line CIP Extended Valve is the newest member of the Fogg Valve line. Suited for a range of flowable liquids, including dairy and beverage. The Tri-Line CIP Extended Valve was created to improve sanitation, shorten maintenance time, and downtime during product change over. This valve is stainless steel and externally removable. The "O" ring is no longer exposed and is engineered with a smooth, patented flip flop seal.

Fogg Co.

Remco Products

Remco Products expandsits Metal Detectable line of tools to include three new colors to add to the original Dark Blue color introduced in July 2005. Remco now offers metal detectable shovels, scoops, scrapers, and mixing paddles in Deep Green, Brick Red, and Smoke White. The colors are produced with a specialized FDA-approved polypropylene resin that is easily detected by standard metal detection equipment.

Remco Products

Key Tech Corporation

Lock n'Pop of Seattle, Wash. has improvedits low-cost alternative to stretch-wrap, corner boards, tier sheets and dunnage used for unitizing poly bags and shrink-wrapped trays. Lock n'Pop's low-tack adhesives do not damage surfaces on separation, yet keep products from sliding side-to-side during movement and transport. This new product is capable of setting up in less than 1 minute at 70°F, allowing for use on fast palletizing lines. Lock n' Pop adhesive formulations are water- based, non-toxic, non-hazardous, approved for use under 21 CFR 175.105. One of the test projects involved tray packs of bottled water products running at speeds of up to 30 cases per minute. Pallet patterns ran from 250 ml PET bottles at 10 layers per pallet to one-and-a-half-liter bottles at 4 layers per pallet. Drivers and customers reported perfect stacks.

KeyTech Corporation

Master Bilt

Master-Bilt unveils the Anti-Sweat Module(ASM-115) for glass door walk-ins. ASM-115 alleviates condensation build-up on glass doors and frames for continuous product visibility, while also reducing energy costs. The ASM-115 runs heaters when the door surface temperature is lower than the dew point. An exterior mounted door frame sensor modulates the door and frame heaters as needed. The sensor is designed to automatically shut off glass and frame door heaters when door heat is unnecessary. With only three wires and one sensor to install, the control is usually up and running in about 30 minutes or less. After installation, no adjustments are necessary.

Additionally, the company introduces the CTF series countertop freezers. This series is a small freezer case that sits atop store counters, perfect for merchandising frozen novelties. Available in five different sizes, the compact case stands just over 19-inches tall, while the largest case is just over 34-inches tall. All five models are approximately 23-inches long and 20-inches deep. The countertop freezers are constructed of a painted steel exterior with an aluminum interior. All five models have interior lighting, while three models have a lit graphic display panel. The two smallest units have fixed shelves, while the larger three units come with adjustable shelving. Additionally, the doorframes are constructed of aluminum, with outer panes made of safety glass.



Now available from NewAge Industries is rigid PVC pipemade to schedule 40 dimensions. Eight styles of fittings are also stocked for a completely clear system. Called Clear-40®, the product combines the corrosion and chemical resistance-and clarity-of PVC with the advantage of a rigid tube that does not need ties or clamps to hold it upright or level. It may be used interchangeably with standard schedule 40 fittings of gray or white. Clear-40 pipe and fittings are manufactured from a clear, virgin grade, PVC compound. All ingredients are non-toxic and conform to FDA standards for use with food contact surfaces, and the product is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61) for use with potable water. Stocked sizes of Clear-40 range from 1/4" through 4" nominal pipe size. Fittings styles consist of 90° and 45° elbows, T's, male and female adapters, couplers, reducer bushings, and caps. Custom options include bell-shaped ends, other fitting configurations, longer lengths, and schedule 80 dimensions.

NewAge® Industries, Inc.

Carrier Transicold

Refrigerated trucking operators have a new toolto blunt the impact of diesel's steady upward price creep - Carrier Transicold's Vector 1800MT multi-temperature trailer refrigeration unit, a transport refrigeration unit with built-in electric standby. The technology eliminates most mechanical components common to conventional trailer refrigeration units and uses a generator driven by the diesel motor to power the electrical system. Matched with single- and dual-discharge evaporators, the Vector 1800MT offers 11 different trailer configurations.

Carrier Transicold

Uniloy Milacron introduces a reciprocating blow molding machine capable of producingthree-layer extended-shelf-life (ESL) bottles. The UMR2000-3L 12-parison machine can produce 5,400 bottles per hour, with an 8-second cycle time. Weighing 28-32 grams each, the bottles will have a 43 mm neck finish. In actual production, a foil seal and screw cap would complete the package to permit shipping and storage under non-refrigerated conditions. Containers are produced and sealed in a controlled environment with bacteria-free blow air. The stainless steel air system uses steam purge and HEPA filters to deliver sterile blow air. See-through guarding completely encloses the UMR clamp area.

Uniloy Milacron