Limes are one of the most popular flavoring agentsused in the food industry today. Their ability to bring out sharp and fresh flavor top notes makes them a preferred ingredient in a broad spectrum of applications including salad dressings, confections, frozen desserts and beverages. Other fruits, especially tropicals such as papaya and mango, enjoy the benefits of enhanced flavor when combined with lime juice. Peaches, nectarines, berries and sweet cherries are also livelier with lime. The combination can also make them less prone to browning reactions. Crystals™ Lime Freeze-dried Fruit Juice Powder 12409 contains 55% juice, while Crystalettes® Lime Freeze-dried Fruit Flavor 10655 is a lower juice content (25%) alternative.

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Cocoa Mate™ is a new line of customized cocoa extenders, which take into consideration both the type of cocoa and the total percentage of cocoa used in a finished product. The extenders are functionally capable of replacing up to 50% of the cocoa powder used in a finished food product and are available as either natural & artificial or artificial, and as either a liquid or powder.

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Caffe Del Mar has developed a proprietary process to make ready-to-drink iced cappuccino by brewing ground whole bean coffee. The process automatically slow brews the freshly ground beans; the coffee is then mixed with whole milk and sugar and immediately bottled. The result is a delicious tasting cappuccino with a strong rich flavor and a smooth mouthfeel. The product needs no refrigeration and has a one-year shelf life. It is available for private label applications in 10-oz glass bottles. All the customer has to do is supply the roasted beans, or use Caffe Del Mar’s roasted Arabica beans, and labels. The company does the rest.

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McCormick Flavor now offers six certified organic flavors: Apple, banana, blueberry, peach, raspberry and strawberry. These flavors can be used in organic fruit purees, yogurts, beverages, cereals and desserts. The all-natural flavors have been certified organic through the Oregon Tilth Certification Program. McCormick’s world-class global sourcing program allows for a continuous, certifiable supply of flavoring materials to produce these certified organic flavors. McCormick Flavor, a unit of McCormick & Co., Inc., produces a complete line of flavor systems including flavors, seasonings, sauces, condiments, spices, herbs, vanilla and coating systems for the food and beverage industry.

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Flavored milk sales are on the rise and Allen Flavors is ready with a new line of flavors for milk. From Banana Split to Black Cherry Blastoff, Allen Flavors combines delicious flavors with citric acid and natural & artificial colors to offer an all-in-one mix packaged for the easy manufacturing of any required batch size.

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