Norse Dairy Systems flexible ice cream sandwich filling machine line includes Model 1099 and Model 2001 filling machines. Both are easily operated by touch screen controls and have been designed for quick and easy Changeover from one wafer size to another. These machines will run registered wrap in both paper and poly film, so you wrap your product in a high quality, eye catching package. Like all Norse equipment, these machines offer efficient product and packaging changeovers, and valves meet 3A standards. An adjustable index wheel on the 1099 accommodates a variety of wafer sizes and upgraded timing belts provide smoother quieter operation. The machines run at speeds of up to 9,000 pieces per hour.
Norse Dairy Systems
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The Hoyer Profill from Tetra Pak Hoyer is a flexible combination filler specially designed to produce novelty stick products with colorful patterns and textures. Water ice or ice cream in one or two colors, fruit, nuts, chocolate, wine gums and other large, value-adding ingredients can be brought together in the Hoyer Profill, providing vast opportunities for innovation. Horizontal, vertical and concentric patterns and multi-colored swirls are efficiently achieved thanks to the modular design. By attaching various modules to the standard unit, ice cream manufacturers can swiftly changeover to a new stick novelty design; the wide filling nozzles enable easy incorporation of large ingredients. It can be installed either as a stand-alone unit with its own controls and power supply or as a versatile addition to the Hoyer Rollo or other stick novelty freezers. The Profill is an outstandingly accurate filler capable of top and bottom filling.
TetraPak Hoyer
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The WCB Ice Cream's LIFE system adds a new concept to extruded products. The addition of large inclusions into extruded ice cream products (sticked or stickless) is possible with WCB Ice Cream's LIFE system. Any large ingredient particulates that can be fed through an ingredient feeder can be added to extruded products. The inclusion integrity is kept intact, and the finished extruded product will have the same size inclusion that was incorporated by the ingredient feeder. The LIFE system is a patented process, utilizing a roll-up device that is adaptable to any make of extrusion system. Customers have the ability to roll the LIFE system into place when sales requirements call for large particulate products. The system can run sticked products up to 150 products per minute.
WCB Ice Cream
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