Heat exchangers and homogenizers are usually the first pieces of equipment used to process milk into most any dairy product.

AGC Engineering's Sanitary Proflow™

Series of plate heat exchangers are specifically designed for dairy applications. Features include an expanded port area, inlet design, metal-to-metal alignment and fully drained leak detect to improve flow and performance characteristics. The Proflow™ plate design allows processing of heavy viscosity products at high production flow rates without the damaging effects of high pressure. Different frames are available including tie-bolt, twin spindle manual closure and also hydraulic (automatic) closure.
AGC Engineering
800/715-8820 or 800/825-8820

The Admix LiquiShear provides...

...the processing power of a bottom-entry high-speed blender with an optional integrated powder induction system to feed powders, solids and semi-solids into the blender. On its own, the basic Admix LiquiShear blending module uses a low-maintenance double mechanical seal, a removable manway dump grid, a combination filter and vent, and a CIP spray ball.
Admix, Inc.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell's Votator™ II...

...Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger offers food processors the flexibility of vertical or horizontal mounting. The vertical units feature Votator II's hydraulic lifting system that automates the raising and lowering of the heat exchanger shafts. Regular cleaning and inspection of the blades and cylinders takes less time. Boltless V-lock heads allow for removal of the shaft for inspection or routine maintenance. The Votator™ II is available in two jacket designs: brine/water/steam and refrigeration with a new integral accumulator option.
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
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The TITAN™ Trimetallic Cylinder...

...offers a hardened interior for abrasion resistance, a nickel/cobalt alloy lining on the ID for corrosion resistance, and a high strength body with good thermal heat transfer. This is all accomplished through a centrifugal casting process that applies the high performance alloy to the inside of a steel cylinder with both ends made from 316 stainless steel.

APV's new R5 Quad-Drive plate heat exchanger,

accepting over 1000 plates, includes many unique features that save the customer time and effort while extending the plate's life. The Quad-Drive is the only PHE to incorporate a PLC, which automatically controls closing and opening. Press ‘close' on the display and the machine evenly compresses the plate pack to pitch. Traditionally, two or three people and a tape measure were required for this task, which could result in plate damage or leakage. Tie bar placement allows unimpeded access to every plate and with simultaneous rotation the follower remains parallel to the head.

The Tetra Plex line from TetraPak...

...gives processors access to a wide range of compact plate heat exchangers that are especially designed for pasteurizing and other kinds of heating and cooling of liquid foods. The units offer a proven, reliable, hygienic and compact design, and durable construction. All Tetra Plex models have very high heat transfer abilities. This means that you can minimize temperature differences between product and service medium. You get gentle treatment of your product while simultaneously minimizing the risk of fouling. The excellent press depth with relatively few contact points yields longer running times and the possibility to use thicker long life gaskets. The plates' patented distribution pattern assures a smooth flow, which also makes CIP easier. It is simple to disassemble Tetra Plex units for inspection. The glueless gaskets can be replaced quickly and easily on site, with the plates hanging in the frames. All frames offer great flexibility for expanding and rebuilding the plate heat exchangers.
Tetra Pak

A complete line of Plate Heat Exchangers is available from Chester-Jensen.

Frames are available in solid stainless steel or coated carbon steel. Both metal-to-metal and gasket supported plate designs available in either type 304 or 316 stainless steel and appropriate quantity and thickness of plate sized for individual duty. Custom engineering is standard with all units. Single-piece gaskets, molded from a variety of formulated elastomers are selected to best meet application requirements. Gaskets are bonded to plates for trouble-free service, yet are easily replaced, in the field. Standard six-bolt type closure with optional mechanical spindle or hydraulic assist closures available. Differential operating pressures to 150 PSIG. Computer designed configurations allow users to process single, dual or multiple fluids and/or duties simultaneously.

All plate surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized safely and effectively by properly designed in-place recirculation systems. All units easily opened for thorough internal inspection.

Chester-Jensen Co.

The new Tetra Alex 350...

from Tetra Pak is a new homogenizer for beverage and dairy products that will debut at Worldwide Food Expo. The Alex 350 follows the same proven design concept as the Tetra Alex 400 machine introduced a few years ago. It offers an impressive capacity range, handling flow rates up to 9000 gph and pressures up to 5800 psi. This machine can be designed to meet your processing needs as either a high pressure pump or a homogenizer. The machine is a 5-piston positive displacement pump using a solid pump block. It includes a wet end, containing only the components with product contact, and drive end which are separated by a stainless steel wall. Tetra Alex 350 is equipped with the energy efficient HD100 homogenization device. This device is designed to offer considerable improvements in homogenization efficiency when compared to a conventional device. It utilizes fully reversible seats and forcers which further improves the operational economy.
Tetra Pak

The Mueller Accu-Therm...

...plate heat exchanger is a compact heat exchanger consisting of embossed heat transfer plates with perimeter gaskets to contain pressure and control the flow of each medium. The gasketed plates are assembled in a pack, mounted on upper and lower guide rails, and compressed between two end frames with compression bolts.
Paul Mueller Co.
800/MUELLER (683-5537)

The Twin Panda homogenizer...

...is a tabletop homogenizer from Niro Soavi designed for laboratory/pilot use. The Twin Panda is designed to homogenize samples at pressures up to 8,700 psi. The internal design has special features permitting the homogenizer to handle feeds at high viscosity up to 20,000 cP and at temperatures up to 90°C (194°F) without a feeding pump. The Twin Panda 600 homogenizer is easy to commission and operate. It can easily be dismantled for maintenance and cleaning by the laboratory operator. Homogenization conditions can be optimized and the results used in scale-up to industrial operations.
Niro Soavi

Scherping Systems in-line, single pass heat exchangers...

...are crafted using T304 stainless steel tube sheets, tubes, outer shells and reducing adapters. They are available in standard sizes or manufactured to meet your specific heat transfer capacity and space requiements. The heat exchangers include steam inlet, condensate outlet and vacuum break connections as required. Scherping Systems stocked, standard CIP heat exchangers have concentric and eccentric reducing adapters, reducing solution inlet and outlet ports with required tri-clamp connections. The reducing adapters assure proper drainage of horizontally mounted units. Our standard CIP heat exchangers are capable of increasing solution temperature on average of 40 degrees F per pass at flow rates of up to 170 GPM thus allowing you to reach required CIP temperature quickly. Scherping Systems