The T&T Met-Sep‚ TUNNEL metal detectors are custom-tailored with a wash-down, stainless steel construction to comply with the stringent food industry sanitary requirements. A digital signal processor is housed in a rugged controller terminal with an operator-friendly tactile keyboard. Phase control, data retention, automatic balance and product compensation and interactive parameter settings are standard controller features. The metallic sensitivity of the 3-coil sensor detector is dependent on the dairy product's moisture and salt contents, dimensions, and package type.

T&T Technology
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Safeline recently introduced a range of metal detection systemsthat meet the latest 3A Dairy Sanitary Standards and USDA requirements. Additionally, Safeline manufactures its metal detection systems to meet HACCP and FDA requirements as well as exceed NEMA 4X/IP66 washdown specifications. Available as options on all its field-proven conveyorized metal detectors and pipeline systems, Safeline meets or exceeds the most stringent sanitary demands of dairy, meat and other food processing industries while supplying solutions that minimize metal contamination in packaged or loose products. With stainless steel construction, continuously welded joints free of imperfections, the system design meets requirements for sanitary product contact surfaces as well as exceeds the criteria for a variety of additional sanitary standards. The Safeline Extreme detector enclosure is built to withstand repeated high temperature, high pressure washdown. All Safeline metal detectors offer advanced, microprocessor-based technology that incorporates digital-signal processing. The metal detectors all feature an automatic set-up that adjusts to optimum performance by simply passing a few sample products down the line.

Safeline Inc.

The next generation of metal detection from Loma Systems, Inc.-IQ2-has been engineered to offer greater reliability with fewer components. Loma Systems, Inc. is also the first company to have been awarded an Equipment Acceptance Certificate for metal detection equipment use in dairy facilities. The new unit incorporates technological software advances that only require one chip to perform functions that formerly required seven. Multiple boards and separate power supply units have been eliminated with the power supply being integrated into one control board. Further, the IQ2 relies on a 32-bit microprocessor which results in faster data processing and enables easily-installed software upgrades-all contributing to a longer working life. A redesigned control panel replaces text with an icon-driven display. This offers greater communication flexibility for multi-national companies or in multi-language work environments. It allows the operator to select the display to best meet the company's production objectives. Overall, the simplified construction of the IQ2 provides a high level of serviceability, ease of use, and reliability.

Loma Systems Inc.

Fortress' highly reliable Phantom© Pipeline Metal Detectorhas a faster, high-performance DPS system. User friendly and simple to operate, this rugged system provides plants with the accurate, on-line detection of tramp metals in dairy operations. The Phantom Pipeline Metal Detector features automatic set-up and operation, multiple product changeover, self-test to meet demanding HACCP procedures, self-diagnostics, compensation for product effect, and modular electronics. The unit is ideal for liquid and semi-viscous dairy products.

Fortress Technology Inc.

Bunting Magnetics Co., a leading manufacturer of sanitary Magnetic Metal Separation Equipment, now supplies electronic Metal Detectors for dairy foods. Bunting's P-Tron-O Metal Detectors are designed to detect and remove tramp iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other conductive metal contaminants from liquids, pastes, and slurries pumped through pipes. They feature waterproof electronics, easy disassembly and cleaning, and triple-coil, EMFI-protected detection to maximize metal removal and minimize loss of good product. Stainless steel P-Tron-O units have high-pressure sensing tubes and food-grade plug valve diverters that meet 3A and USDA standards.

Bunting Magnetics

Hi-Speed Checkweigher's Cornerstone Series, Model Beltweigh/ TS/Combo combines the ultimate metal detection and checkweighing solution in one unit. The Safeline™ metal detector is designed to provide superior protection against all types of metal contamination. The metal detector is microprocessor based and uses digital signal processing to ensure simplified setup and optimized detection capabilities.

The Beltweigh/TS/Combo is powered by high-performance servo motors that minimize vibration and improve weighing accuracy. Its solid, heavy-duty construction provides consistent checkweighing.

The Beltweigh/TS includes a 10.4" color touch screen interface, which is extremely easy to use and requires minimal operator training. It is a true graphical user interface and allows the operator to change from one production run to another at a touch of the screen. It has password protected programming for up to 100 products. The infeed conveyor is designed to accelerate products to provide the proper spacing for weighing. The weigh conveyor weighs and classifies the product into a customer-defined weight zone and transfers the product to the discharge conveyor. Machine-mounted rejecters remove metal-contaminated packages and off-weight packages, allowing only acceptable packages to continue downstream.

Hi-Speed Checkweigher

With improved detection performance, processing capabilities and simplified operation, the MET 30+ is setting new metal detection standards in the food, pharmaceutical, paper, plastics and other industries. These metal detectors offer exceptional sensitivity, and work in wet and dry applications to detects real-life contaminants, providing exceptional quality assurance. The units withstand aggressive cleaning, feature user-friendly with auto-learn and automatic product tracking features, and can be operated with metallic film packaging. They also offer networking capability with datachek software, 32 bit processing, and Standard 12 language menu.

Lock Inspection Systems

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