Alfa Laval Inc.
Toftejorg, a new line of advanced equipment for automatic tank cleaninghas been introduced by Alfa Laval. The Toftejorg products include rotating spray heads, rotating jet heads and accessories as well as assemblies for applications within the food, dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, personal care and marine industries. The tank cleaning equipment is suitable for tanks ranging from 500 gal to silos with a 500,000-gal capacity. Rotary spray heads clean tanks by spraying a fan of cleaning media against the tank walls while rotary jet heads spray jets of cleaning media. Cleaning fluids from both products reach every square inch of the tank wall with such force that they remove any residual material. This efficient cleaning action cuts energy requirements and cleaning time and the volume of cleaning media and water by up to 50%. This results in increased plant efficiencies, lower operating costs and significantly reduced waste. In addition, the cleaning systems can be fully automated which eliminates the risks involved for maintenance personnel when inside tanks and the risks from exposure to chemicals. Alfa Laval recently acquired the Toftejorg Group, the world's largest producer of tank cleaning equipment, founded in 1957 and headquartered in Denmark. The Toftejorg Group develops, manufactures and market high-end automated tank cleaning equipment and systems.

Alfa Laval Inc.

Paper Systems
Paper Systems introduces the Exo-Bin, a 300 gal, reusable, collapsible, liquid bulk container for purees, concentrates, tomato paste, foods and other non-hazardous materials. Exo-Bin completely eliminates wood contamination for food grade products where wood bins are used. Exo-Bin consists of a plastic top cap and bottom skid which assembles in less than 1 minute Exo-Bin reduces inventory compared to wooden bins with a 6 to 1 sotrage factor. A microchip is available in each Exo-Bin for tracking, inventory count, and warehouse control. Fumigation is eliminated with Exo-Bin, and it is stackable up to five high when filled. A 300 gallon capacity allows it to maximize export vessels, truck, and rail shipments. Also the wide top opening works well with existing aseptic fillers. A net weight of 100 lbs, Exo-Bin is 65% lighter compared to wooden bins Exo-Bin knocks down flat and maximizes inbound and outbound freights allowing 15 empty units per skid spot (400/truck load).

Paper Systems

Black Hawk Molding Co.'s new Super Quad cap is the company's most versatile cap, providing dairies with additional installation options and efficiencies. The cap is engineered to be tough yet flexible. The exclusive four thread design allows easy application while still offering the customer the security and tamper evidence they expect from a threaded cap. This tamper evident Super Quad cap comes in three styles: plug, foam and foil lined, and are available in a variety of colors. The caps can also be custom labeled or printed with your logo or product information.

Black Hawk Molding Co.'s

Evergreen Packaging Equipment, a business of International Paper, exhibit a number of new products at Worldwide Food Expo ‘03, including traditional gable top equipment, and various levels of bottle filling, cup filling, and blow molding equipment. The introduction of the BFAH-30 (Advanced Hygiene) bottle filler will feature a belt drive, externally demountable fill valves, auto sanitation, HEPA enclosures, and an optional automated CIP system. Filling up to 100 gal, 150 half-gal, and 180 quarts/pints/half-pints per minute, this machine offers the processor high filling efficiency of up to 95% or higher in a clean and safe environment. Evergreen's EMP-1 gable top packaging machine forms, fills and seals up to 8,400 Micro-Pak cartons per hour. The Micro-Pak carton, with a 1.810 inch cross-section, is a convenient single serve package with a straw hole available in 4, 6, 8, and 10oz sizes. ELL (Extended Long Life) features include HEPA, auto sanitize, self-contained CIP, self-contained chemical sterilization, and 35% H2O2 carton sanitization with a 4.0D kill or better. The ESL-60 with SPOUT-PAK forms, fills and seals up to 6,000 standard cross-sections cartons per hour in sizes ranging from 177ml to 1.15 liters (6 oz to 38 oz). ESL (Extended Shelf Life) features including enclosures, HEPA, auto sanitize, self-contained CIP, self-contained chemical sterilization, and low level H2O2 carton sanitization with UV light, help maintain product quality for HTST processed refrigerated products. Representatives from International Paper will also be on hand to discuss printing capabilities, barrier boards, SPOUT-PAK, marketing services, inventory tracking, and new development products.

Evergreen Packaging Equipment
WWFE Booth S7214

Fortress Technology
The Phantom Gravity-Feed Metal Detection System, from Fortress Technology Inc. has a faster, more powerful digital signal processing (DSP) system which eliminates noise interference. Simple to set up, and operate, the detection system provides accurate detection of and rejection of ferrous and non-ferous metals, including stainless steel. The rugged system features automatic set-up and operation, automatic self-test and diagnostics, multiple product memory and automatic compensation for product effect. It can also run multiple detector heads from a single interface.

Fortress Technology Inc.

Delta Instruments
The LactoScope‘ FTIR premium analyzer, from Delta Instruments, an Advanced Instruments company, provides rapid, ultra-precise determination of the chemical composition of even the most complex milk and dairy products. Based on Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) technology, its advanced yet stable design incorporates a patented new interferometer needing far less recalibration and fewer repairs than any comparable analyzer. The result is the best performance and lowest cost of ownership in its class. The Lactoscope FTIR utilizes optical technology proven in aerospace applications for exceptional stability and reliability. This essential processing instrument tests a broad spectrum of applications, and provides fast, accurate determinations. It analyzes cold samples, so that there is no need for preheating of low-viscosity samples. The LactoScope FTIR has automated cleaning and calibration control, transferability through patented FTIR technology, proven reliability, low operation costs, and easy maintenance through modular design. Typical applications for the LactoScope FTIR include component analysis for fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, and total solids. The instrument measures 80-120 samples per hour. The measuring ranges for samples are: Fat in cream (0-55%); Protein in concentrated milk (0-15%); Carbohydrate in ice cream mix (0-25%); and Total Solids in concentrated milk (0-50%). The system dimensions are (H x W x D): 40 x 80 x 50* cm. For more information contact Anthony Pappas, Product Manager.

Delta Instruments

Turnkey Solutions Inc.
WaterZone, a wall mounted water ozonation systemis now available from Turnkey Solutions Inc. WaterZone is capable of producing 25 to 50 gal of ozonated water per minute for use in sanitation and CIP. It is approved by FDA and USDA with GRAS status.

Turnkey Solutions Inc.

Dickson Company
New display temperature and temperature and humidity loggersare offered by Dickson. The Midsize Data Loggers with alarms and SD flash memory cards are available in temperature, model SM300, remote temperature, model SM320, dual remote temperature, SM325, temperature and humidity, model TM320, and remote temperature and humidity, model TM325. Dickson's Midsize Display Data Loggers offer all the key features including: high/low alarm, min/max display, super high-speed USB connectivity, One step data transfer using removable SD Flash memory cards, and much more. With these loggers, users can make decisions about the data simply by looking at the current minimum and maximum readings on a large digital display or wait until in alarm mode before downloading all data.

Dickson Company

Columbia Machine Inc.
The new FL10 floor level palletizer from Columbia Machineprovides an optimal price/speed combination for smaller production operations. For less than $50,000, this automated solution offers palletizing at speeds up to 10 cases per minute. Small enough to be installed through 8 ft by 8 ft doorways, the FL10's compact footprint utilizes less than 60 sq ft of floor space, making it ideal for smaller plants. It comes pre-programmed with easy to run common palletizing patterns for simplified operation. And in the tradition of other Columbia palletizers, the FL10 features a welded frame and rugged construction to assure long lasting operation and reliability.

Columbia Machine Inc.

RL Instruments
Sentron 3A sanitary on-line pH probes, from Rl Instruments/Sentron USA have received 3A Sanitary Standards approval. The probes combine the power of Sentron's virtually indestructible non-glass ISFET pH electrodes with the capability to measure and monitor pH in real time. These new non-glass probes can be used in areas where older, more fragile glass probes have failed. As well, our sanitary probes can be used in conjunction with your existing PLC controller. Range = 0 to 14 pH, and 0-105 C operating temperature. Pressure rated to 145 PSI, with typically less than 3 seconds response time. Signal output - choose which is needed for your PLC - 59mV/pH, 0-5 V, or 4-20 mA. No pre-amplifier is needed. Probe lengths vary with shielded cable.

RL Instruments/Sentron USA

With the addition of its new Signature Shrink™ labels, Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc. (PPPI) now offers a greater variety of domestically available shrink films in North America. PPPI is focused on providing Signature Shrink Solutions from design through commercialization, including a one-of-a-kind mock-up system that puts samples into customers' hands and products on store shelves quickly. "The Signature Shrink label, in combination with Pechiney's stocking program, will cut lead times," says Art Bucci, Business Development Manager, Shrink Sleeves. The new program starts by analyzing the container/bottle, the desired graphics and the coordination that will be required to work effectively with the shrink sleeve equipment manufacturer.Essentially, a shrink analysis is conducted. Then, the film type and print method are determined. When the planning phase is completed, a PVC, OPS or PETG film sample is printed, tested and sent for customer approval. Speed-to-market and on-time delivery are assured thanks to vender managed inventory programs, 90-day stocking programs and PULL, an Internet based tracking system. PPPI's expert print capabilities offer customers the choice of 10-color rotogravure, 10-color flexography or digital flexography. The company's proprietary Jotto™ variable information system allows for two-color backside printing, the perfect opportunity for coupons, games and contests.

Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc

The new Powerphase Plus Metal Detector from Safeline Metal Detection, operates at frequencies far higher than those typically used in the food processing industry. Ultra-High-Frequency operation (in excess of 800kHz) is a hallmark of Safeline metal detection. The Powerphase Plus offers increased sensitivity, particularly to non-ferrous and stainless steel contamination. Other key features include "automated product groupings" that allows users to combine multiple SKU's on a single setting. Safeline's new APG setting enables the Powerphase Plus to achieve increased sensitivity, reliability and higher productivity while reducing false rejects. A newly developed "Faraday Screen" is highly effective in eliminating unwanted product. The Faraday Screen also filters out certain signals and unwanted frequencies that can interfere with normal plant operations such as two-way radio communication.

Safeline Metal Detection

New Neck Rail and Neck Grip technologiesare available on the growing line of Fill Pro filling systems from Fogg Filler Co. Unlike traditional bottle handling, which uses starwheels and pedestals to transfer and lift containers as they are filled and capped, Fogg Neck Grip assures positive neck position throughout the system. Neck Grip "hands-off" the container at each of the critical transfer points; at no point in the filling system is the container without a positive hold. Neck Grip is ideal for critical applications. Container handling is extremely accurate and efficient because the container is held at the point nearest the filling valve. Fogg Neck Rail also eliminates bottle guides and pedestal lifts, streamlining product changeover. Once the height is set, shorter bottles can be used without changing the transfer mechanism because the transfer plane remains constant from size to size.

Fogg Filler Company