The World Churns

Slow Churned, Double Churned, now another ice cream company is introducing a lower fat product with the word Churn in the name. Yarnell's Ice Cream Co. of Arkansas rolled out its Home Churned™ line last month, which offers half the fat and about 35% fewer calories, without sacrificing flavor, the company says.

Stonyfield Tutors Danone

A business profile story in a New Hampshire newspaper says Stonyfield Farm CEO Gary Hirshberg was to host 55 Groupe Danone executives from around the world last month, to share his thoughts on marketing in the 21st century. The article also noted that Stonyfield will soon double the size of its Londonderry, N.H. plant and has plans to introduce its products in Europe

Lotsa Pizza Down Under

Fonterra of New Zealand is to become the sole supplier of cheese to Domino's Pizza Australia New Zealand Ltd. That's worth (US) $22 million a year for five years, if anyone's wondering.

Instant Yogurt's Gonna Get You

A Wisconsin Co. entrepreneur has introduced Yokit,™ described as an instant product with the attribute of yogurt. The company says its primary target is vending, and that the product, when mixed with water, offers live probiotic cultures.

New CFO at Bravo!

As it enters a distribution partnership with Coca-Cola Enterprises, Bravo! Foods, Florida, has appointed Jeffrey J. Kaplan as its new CFO. Former CFO Tommy Kee, becomes Chief Accounting Officer. Both will report to CEO Roy Warren.