Brand Fever?

Popular, branded milk products are beginning to elbow out private-label milk in grocery store dairy cases, according to a recent article in Supermarket News. One dairy case manager told the trade magazine that many of his store's customers will pay as much as 60 cents more per gallon for Land O' Lakes milk, because they see it as higher-quality product.

Cool Niche

A former financier to the tech industry is manufacturing and marketing a unique ice cream product that just went to the Super Bowl. Cool Dog Ice Cream, Shirley, Mass. is focused on one product-an ice cream novelty resembling a hot dog-that's sold at sports events.

Unilever Shift

Coming off a losing fourth quarter, Unilever says it will change its Co-CEO structure, with Patrick Cescau remaining as chief and Anthony Burgmans moving to a non-executive chairman role.

Dairy in Motion has added a streaming video tie-in with Dairy Foods plant features. Currently, video footage is available from Driggs Farms, the Indiana ice cream maker featured in our February issue.