Coke's Got Milk in Israel

The Central Bottling Company (Coca Cola Israel) is buying out Israel's third-largest dairy for $39 million. Tara Diary Cooperative has annual sales of more than $100 million. Central Bottling Co. says it plans to expand its product range into the milk-based beverage sector.

Cajun Milk, Anyone?

Louisiana lawmakers last month approved a measure creating a Louisiana trademark for milk.

Senate Bill 42 creates a trademark logo that allows dairies to sell "Louisiana" milk. Funds from purchasing the trademarks would be used by the agriculture commissioner to market milk produced in the state, which then could be sold at premium prices.

Drink Up, Mate

The "milk is good for you message" is getting through to Australians, and they are drinking more milk. National milk consumption has risen 2.2% for the first eight months of 2003-04 to 1.3 billion liters. Dairy Australia, the country's national industry association, says it is the first turnaround in total milk sales since 2000 and the first increase in per capita consumption in 10 years.

More About Vending

Selling milk in vending machines outside of schools has lots of potential, according to a new multi-channel milk-vending test conducted by a Calif.-based market research firm. Demand exists for milk in the three channels tested-blue-collar and white-collar businesses, colleges and universities and public venues. The opportunity for milk vending annually could exceed 110 million gals, the study shows.