Fristam's new FKL 15 displacement pump offers a displacement of 0.016 gal/rev. while the new FKL 20 offers 0.032 gal/rev. These new models feature a split-style gearbox for easier maintenance.

Fristam's new FKL 15 displacement pump offersa displacement of 0.016 gal/rev. while the new FKL 20 offers 0.032 gal/rev. These new models feature a split-style gearbox for easier maintenance. Both feature CIP ability with no performance loss. Additionally, the oil bath gearboxes on both models use no bearing grease and require oil change-out only every 4,000 hours. The FKL 15 and FKL 20 are manufactured of 316L stainless steel, with the exception of their non-galling stainless steel rotors. With these additions, Fristam now offers nine high-performance FKL models.

Fristam Pumps USA


Northvale, N.J.-based Westfalia Separator's newly developed seriesof HyVOL separators and clarifiers offer sealing technology designed to be wear-free and requires no water for operation. The Westfalia hydrohermetic seal uses the milk itself as a seal, leading to efficiency, and long-life operation.

Westfalia Separator Inc.


The Tetra Plex line from TetraPak gives processors accessto a wide range of compact plate heat exchangers that are especially designed for pasteurizing and other kinds of heating and cooling of liquid foods. The units offer a proven, reliable, hygienic and compact design, and durable construction. All Tetra Plex models have very high heat transfer abilities. This means that you can minimize temperature differences between product and service medium. You get gentle treatment of your product while simultaneously minimizing the risk of fouling. The excellent press depth with relatively few contact points yields longer running times and the possibility to use thicker long life gaskets. The plates' patented distribution pattern assures a smooth flow, which also makes CIP easier. It is simple to disassemble Tetra Plex units for inspection. The glueless gaskets can be replaced quickly and easily on site, with the plates hanging in the frames. All frames offer great flexibility for expanding and rebuilding the plate heat exchangers.

Tetra Pak


The Admix Liqui-Shear providesthe processing power of a bottom-entry high-speed blender with an optional integrated powder induction system to feed powders, solids and semi-solids into the blender. On its own, the basic Admix LiquiShear blending module uses a low-maintenance double mechanical seal, a removable manway dump grid, a combination filter and vent, and a CIP spray ball.

Admix Inc.


APV hygienic pumps and valves offer fast, easy maintenance.The centrifugal pump lines meet 3-A, FDA, USDA, BISSC and more. Major lines include the W+ Series high-performance, sanitary pump and the V2 for a range of pumping needs. APV's range of pumps also includes positive displacement pumps such as the DW Series. The DW rotary lobe is ultra-hygienic and can be both a product and a CIP pump. And the company's valves feature a hygienic 3-A single seat design, a control unit designed to leave no surface unclean.



Designed to free up plant space, resolve alignment issuesand increase process productivity, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell introduces the Tru-Fit™ close-coupled pump drive. With an average of 20-25% reduction in overall pump length, Tru-Fit's self-aligning shaft eliminates the need for couplings and guards. Features include up to 50 gear ratios for each size, optional stainless-steel base and a three-bolt mounting to minimize pump change out time.

From its valve family, WCB offers PMO mix proof valves designed to meet criteria of the PMO for Grade A dairy processes. This valve is machined from solid bar construction and has a standard pressure rating of 150 psi (10 bar). The valve is available in1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4, and 6-inch tube OD sizes.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell

SPX Process Equipment


GEA Filtration
GEA Filtration, a leaderin the application of cross-flow membrane filtration in the food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, has introduced sanitary, high concentration reverse osmosis technology. For more than a quarter century reverse osmosis has proven to be a cost-effective technology for the non-thermal de-watering of process streams in the sanitary process industries. However, concentration was generally limited, depending on exact product characteristics, to total solids levels in the teens to lower twenties. GEA Filtration has developed high concentration sanitary design reverse osmosis plants constructed for concentrations up to about 30% total solids. With rising fuel costs, this can afford substantial operating cost savings from transportation or other thermal de-watering techniques.

GEA Filtration - Niro Inc.


Niro Soavi
Niro-Soavi has introducedthe new Model NS5180 high capacity homogenizer. The NS5180 is five plunger design utilizing Niro-Soavi's patented G-FX drive system. The NS5180 is rated at capacities up to 10,000 gph and pressures up 21,750 psi. The new NS5180 has a standard low noise design cabinet and can be configured with a conventional monoblock cylinder or a VHP three-piece cylinder for ultra high pressure applications. A wide variety of application specific homogenizing valves are available including the patented Nano-Valve. The Niro-Soavi NS5180 will be on exhibition at Worldwide Food Expo.

Niro Soavi


The new Tetra Alex 350 from Tetra Pakis a new homogenizer for beverage and dairy products. The Alex 350 follows the same proven design concept as the Tetra Alex 400 machine introduced a few years ago. It offers an impressive capacity range, handling flow rates up to 9000 gph and pressures up to 5800 psi. This machine can be designed to meet your processing needs as either a high pressure pump or a homogenizer. The machine is a 5-piston positive displacement pump using a solid pump block. It includes a wet end, containing only the components with product contact, and drive end which are separated by a stainless steel wall. Tetra Alex 350 is equipped with the energy efficient HD100 homogenization device. This device is designed to offer considerable improvements in homogenization efficiency when compared to a conventional device. It utilizes fully reversible seats and forcers which further improves the operational economy.

Tetra Pak