The following showcase of cheesemaking equipment offers details on an assortment of process and cutting equipment items from a number of different manufacturers. For the latest equipment releases throughout the year, please refer the plant operations section of our Buyers Mart.

Kusel's Cook-Rite enclosed cheese vatsare available in sizes from 15,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs. The vat is a vertical type vat consisting of two overlapping cylinders with a vertical shaft in the exact center of each cylinder. All functions; stirring and cutting are accomplished by the unique "sweeping-curve" vertical blades that travel in one direction only. The blades do not need to swivel, turn or reverse. The vat is designed with complete sanitation in mind. Sanitary bottom bearings on the vertical shafts provide perfect alignment at all speeds and under all conditions. Kusel's heating system introduces steam to both the bottom and sides of the vat, up to 12 inches from the top rail. This provides for more uniform heating. Stainless steel steam pipes deliver steam to the steam chamber.

A completely automated control system is available. Traditional open cheese vats are available in a number of styles that include the following: CK Vats with steam heating; TH Vats with recirculating water heating; End Door vats, a hybrid which accomplishes the function of a vat and finishing table in one unit; and lab size or small production vats in capacities from 560 lbs. to 1,500 lbs. All vats are available with various agitator options based upon your requirements. The company also offers a full line of related cheesemaking equipment.



The Damrow Whey Drainer-Washeris an integral piece in a line of state-of-the-art cottage cheese equipment. It is designed to wash and cool cottage cheese curd quickly and efficently in one simple compact unit with the minimum of water consumption. The curd grains in hot whey are delivered from the vat and distributed across the whole width of the belt. The depth of curd is controlled by a combination of pump and draining conveyor speed. Whey is immediately drained off on the first section. The curd grains are then transported forward and sprayed with controlled quantities of tepid water and/or chilled water to remove lactose and lactic acid. At the same time the curd temperature is reduced. Finally, the curd grains are collected in the final chamberwith a proportion of the chilled water for transportation to the next process.

The system offers these advantages:

• Reduced fine losses

• Reduced water consumption

• Reduced effluent charge

• Hygienic solution

• Reduced refrigeration costs

• Releases vat for further batches



The Tetra Tebel Pressvatic Ais a batch wise, automatically-operating curd distribution, whey draining, pre-pressing and block-cutting machine designed for use in an automatic cheese production line for round eyed and granular cheese. Examples of cheese types which are today produced on the Tetra Tebel Pressvatic are: Swiss, Gouda, Edam, Havarti etc. Curd/whey mix is distributed through an electrically movable distributor into a rectangular stainless steel vat. In the case of granular cheese the curd is distributed in the same way but whey is collected and returned. Pre-pressing is done by means of two pneumatic cylinders. Whey is drained through both ends as well as through the woven bottom plastic mat and the pressing plate. The mat serves also as cheese conveyor pulling out cheese to be cut crosswise before transferred onto a plastic lamella conveyor for a final cut by a second knife. The machine is CIP cleanable. The Tetra Tebel Pressvatic is available for batch sizes up to 45,000 lbs. The inside height of the main vat is 20 inches. Beside its weight accuracy the Tetra Tebel Pressvatic offers full CIP cleanability and maximum production flexibility. During a production day for every batch another cheese type or variety can be selected. A cheese line with a Tetra Tebel Pressvatic is set-up so the content of one cheese vat matches the content of the Tetra Tebel Pressvatic. Working this way ensures that the batch identity is maintained.

Tetra Pak


The Model CC-D shredderfrom Urschel Labs features maximum flexibility through different types of cutting heads including flat slices, strip cuts, full shreds, oval shreds, wide oval shreds, "v" shreds, and crescent shreds. The thickness of the cut can be adjusted to meet your product application requirements. While a 5 hp (3.7 kW) motor comes standard, a 7.5 or 10 hp (5.6 or 7.5 kW) motor is also a valuable option depending on your application. The versatile machine features interchangeable cutting heads that enable the processor to change the type of shred in just minutes. Specially designed throwaway knives do not require sharpening, and are inexpensive to replace (not available in wide oval shred). The Model CC-D features continuous operation for uninterrupted production, and simplified design for easy clean-up and maintenance. The Model CC-D will accept products measuring up to 3 1/2-inch (88.9 mm) in any dimension. Many different types of products can be sliced/shredded using the Model CC-D for a variety of applications including but not limited to: shredding cheese for pizza toppings, tacos, or salads.



Walker Stainless Equipment Company has the capability to custom build sanitary and industrial stainless steel equipment to 3A, USDA, ASME and other stringent standards. Walker products and system components serve a variety of industries including dairy and cheese. The company's facilities offer flexibility for handling custom fabrications regardless of job size or quantity. With up-to-date welding and polishing equipment, stainless steel tanks are produced with precision. Products offered include aseptic storage tanks, blend tanks, whey crystallizers, dryers, evaporators, condensers and single shell tanks.

Walker Stainless


Millerbernd Design provides design, fabrication and installation needs of food processing equipment. Whether you need a complete system or a single part, Millerbernd can offer comprehensive assistance through all phases of development, from the initial conception to the final installation. The company promises quick turnaround and the highest level of quality craftsmanship.



The CHD-3D Dicer/Strip Cutter from Deville offers high-capacity operation of up to 11,000 lbs/hour on 1/8-inch dices and more for larger cuts. The rugged, heavy-duty dicer/strip-cutter features a large product drum. It is capable of handling big blocks of cheese, in square, rectangular or cylindrical form up to 10 x 9 x 6-inch. The unit features a 10 to 15 hp variable speed motor, and hinged swivel components for quick and easy cleaning.



Stoelting's SVC Cottage Cheese Vat w/Verti-Stiris a standard of the industry, providing maximum yield of cottage cheese, best curd particle size, lowest fines, and least mechanical curd abuse. The tubular heat exchanger coupled with automatic cooking control provides the most gentle and uniform cooking of the product as well as the most consistent product. The vat is manufactured with massive internal 1/4-inch thick wall structural tubes and gussets for maximum durability. These are spaced 24" on center in the central area of the vat. The Verti Stir agitator with its unique gentle lift action is also available with optional stainless steel gearboxes and motors. Stoelting, in close cooperation with cheese plant personnel, continues to improve its existing products and develop new products for the industry. Stoelting has recently acquired partial interest in Spray Processes Limited of Bedford, U.K., a company with over 30 years experience in powder technology. They are worldwide specialists in spray dryers, fluidized bed dryers, falling film evaporators, and related equipment. For the past three years Stoelting has been the exclusive representative of Spray Processes Limited, for the North American Market. Stoelting will continue to provide the manufacture, project management, installation, and furnishing of all U.S. components for the system to U.S.D.A./3A standards for the North American market. Complete turnkey installation is also available.



The newest model in the line of holac dicers-the new Cubixx 100 is now offered by Reiser. This new model dicer is ideal for processing all kinds of cheese. The new holac Cubixx 100 dicer offers a larger 4-inch magazine for increased output and can produce 1-inch cubes at rates up to 2,600 lbs per hour. Its versatility is unmatched. With a simple grid change it can cube, flake or shred cheese and offers portion sizes ranging from 3mm to 60mm. Like all holac equipment the Cubixx 100 dicer is hygienically designed for easy sanitation.



Bemis Corp., offers a wide range of packaging machinery under the Curwood brand, some of which has applications for cheese. These include the FlexVac 2000 HS continuous motion die train, the Pathfinder die train indexing machine, the FlexVac continuous motion die wheel, and the 220-R die-less indexing machine.



Other cheese equipment vendors:

A&B Process Systems





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Paul Mueller

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