Deville Technologies Inc. now offers touch screen controls on its FS-40 automatic cheese shredder.

Deville Technologies Inc. now offers touch   screen controls on its FS-40 automatic cheese shredder. The technology makes operating and servicing the FS-40 easy. The user-friendly graphical interface uses a simple graphic representation of the equipment and allows immediate visual feedback for each process of the machine in real-time.

Deville Technologies Inc.


Pall Corp. offers the ARIA SA water filtration system to meet the sanitary requirements of food and beverage producers. The system combines stainless-steel components with microfiltration or ultrafiltration membrane modules. Available in custom configurations with flow rates ranging from 50 to 300 gpm, the system treats water from municipal, surface or ground sources. Features include automated air scrub and enhanced flux maintenance processes. The semi-automated clean-in-place process promotes membrane recovery.

Pall Corp.


Admix offers sanitary equipment for all your mixing, blending and particle size reduction needs whether you require batch or in-line processing or powder induction. We manufacture high shear dispersers and emulsifiers, in-line wetmills, static blenders, low speed batch mixers and vacuum conveying and powder delivery mix stations. With thousands of mixers in service, Admix has the field service experience and ingredient blending expertise to assist you with your formulation. Our equipment complies with 3-A, USDA (Dairy & AMS), and AG-Canada and is available in corrosion-free stainless steel from 1/2 hp lab models through 100 hp production sizes.

Admix Inc.


Tuchenhagen Flow Components recently introduced the first PMO Mixproof valve to allow 24/7 non-stop production in U.S. dairy plants. PMO regulations do not allow the cleaning of a mixproof valve seat while product is present in one housing of the valve. Due to a patented design, the PMO seat cleaning restriction has been lifted by FDA for Tuchenhagen’s new generation 24/7 PMO Valve. The valves allow vessels to be filled, emptied and lines to be cleaned simultaneously, so that it is no longer necessary to shut down production to CIP any area of the plant.

Tuchenhagen Flow Components

The 1600-S utilizes servos for filling, sealing and over capping scround containers, nesting or non-nesting flat bottom, for ice cream using a single lane at speeds up to 65 cpm. Containers are indexed on “U”-shaped carrier plates to an extrusion nozzle where direct-from-the-freezer ice cream (divert valve included) is measured, via bottom lift servo, leaving accuracies at +/-.5%, depending on inclusions. Roll-stock film is applied using a dual-heat sealer. Containers are smoothly discharged to a conveyor for an over cap fed from an Osgood Unscrambler. Air conveyors transport lids through a lid detector for correct orientation before container application. Some options: Neapolitan nozzles and variegation with either one or two flavors.

Osgood Industries Inc.


Martin Brothers stocks all makes and models of nickel scraped surface heat exchangers with a re-chromed inside diameter tube. The re-chromed hardened inside diameter provides for abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance with great heat transfer. Martin Brothers re-chromes the tube inside diameter plating to a finished 0.006” thickness. The company also provides technical, troubleshooting, custom design and customer services. Martin Brothers is an international supplier and the only company in the world dedicated to remanufactured and reconditioned ice cream equipment and scraped surface heat exchangers.

Martin Brothers Inc.


Chester-Jensen makes plate heat exchangers for pasteurization, heating, cooling or regeneration of any homogeneous, pourable liquid. Units are flexible for easy maintenance and all styles of gaskets are field-replaceable. High thermal transfer values are offered with more than 90% regeneration attainable. Stainless steel or mild steel frames are available for different processing duties.

Chester-Jensen Company Inc.


TOP-FLO TF-C Series Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps represents the finest in sanitary process equipment. Designed to offer efficient transfer of product over a wide range of head and viscosity conditions. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, easy to install & operate and feature the following: Type 316L stainless steel on all wetted parts. Backward curved stainless steel impellers for even flow and easy cleaning. Sanitary seals are externally balanced single or double. Designs suitable for all clean-in-place (CIP) applications which enables easy self-cleaning with no dismantling or take-down. Finely polished casings. Complete factory testing before shipment. All pumps are 3A approved.

Top line Process Equipment Company


Tetra Pak has launched the Hoyer Rollo IM high capacity moulding machine for automatic, continuous production of ice cream, sherbet, or fruit-juice stick novelties with up to 20 lanes of 56 mm (2.2 in) wide stick products. The Hoyer Rollo IM has been developed to meet the growing market for flexible and reliable equipment that can handle a wide range of new, commercially attractive product ideas. The compact equipment is ideal for high capacity production of multi-layer products made of water ice and /or ice cream mix combinations. Tetra Pak offers two models – up to 15,000 sticks/hour or 30,000 stick/hour. Actual capacity will depend on factors such as the number of lanes, product volume and recipe as well as the capacity of the wrapping and packing line.

Tetra Pak


The Tetra Almix is a complete mixing solution designed to deal with the full range of powders, oils and liquids used in the making of modern dairy products. It solves any problem of lumping or fat separation to produce a homogenous product of superior quality. And it does the job in the most natural way possible, in a liquid-filled, high turbulent tank, with no introduction of air. At high speed, the rotor traps liquids and powders in a strong vortex, forcing the ingredients through the perforated stator at the optimal shear rate.

Tetra Pak Processing


Graco’s high sanitation and FDA diaphragm pumps are used in a variety of sanitary processes. The pumps are easy to clean and certified by 3-A for dairy and milk applications. They include tri-clamp connections and are ideal for applications requiring high flow rates and portability. All fluid contact materials are FDA-compliant and meet CFR Title 21.



Fristam’s Powder Mixer blends dry and wet ingredients into a fluid stream. This mixing method pulls a consistent amount of vacuum and maintains performance even as product viscosity increases. Benefits include consistent batch-to-batch repeatability, reduced blend times, ease of use, and customizable options. Fristam’s Powder Mixer has 316L stainless steel components standard for contact surfaces and standard wetted surfaces 32 Ra with optional finishes available. Typical applications: crystallized sugar, premixes, pectin, stabilizers, milk-mixes, egg powder, fluid flavorings and starches.

Fristam Pumps USA


Südmo has introduced a PMO Tank Outlet Mix Proof Valve that eliminates the need for disconnects on the tank outlet and gives you the ability to clean the fill/empty line with product in the tank.  This revolutionary new valve can be fitted to existing tanks with low inlet/outlet connections. The tangential design means that it can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position and is fully drainable.  Südmo’s PMO mix proof valves offer many proven advantages including leak free changeover, a one-piece machined body, maintenance-free actuator, and the latest control technology.

Südmo North America