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2013 February

Take a look inside Dairy Foods February issue where we profile the innovative Rhino Foods, maker of ice cream sandwiches, cookie dough inclusions and more.

Rhino Foods is rolling in cookie dough

Rhino Foods measures everything it does. Employees work to a goal and are rewarded when they meet the targets. Management’s reward is a smooth-running organization that fulfills customers’ needs.
A manufacturing facility is like a living organism. Think of production, purchasing, warehousing and quality assurance as cells. Each of these departments has a job to do that in some way touches the other functions. Each has to communicate with the others so that the whole enterprise runs smoothly.
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Rhino Foods: Ice cream's trendsetter

Rhino Foods made a name for itself by developing cookie dough for Ben & Jerry’s. But that’s just part of what makes this Vermont dairy processor and baker noteworthy. The forward-thinking company is a trendsetter in employee relations, too.
Would you loan $1,000 to an employee who encounters an unexpected financial crisis and needs to buy a new water heater? Instead of laying off employees, would you hire them out temporarily to another employer? Do you share your financial statements with all of your employees, not just with senior management?
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Farmer’s Land Handels GmbH introduces gourmet oven cheeses

Gourmet Oven Cheese is a new product distributed in the United States by Miami-based Farmer’s Land Handels GmbH for retail and foodservice channels.
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Trends in ready-to-drink tea

Increasingly, Americans are slaking their thirst with tea, not bottled water or soft drinks.
Tea and ready-to-drink (RTD) tea achieved estimated sales of $6.7 billion in 2012, according to Chicago-based market research firm Mintel. And sales are expected to grow to nearly $8 billion by 2014, said Douglas Rash, group vice president of global sales for Treatt, Lakeland, Fla., citing statistics from Rockville, Md.-based Packaged Facts.
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Norseland launches new Jarlsberg Hickory Smoked cheese

Darien, Conn.-based Norseland Inc., the importer of Jarlsberg, introduced new Jarlsberg Hickory Smoked cheese.
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Greek yogurt stars in dessert case

Greek yogurt cheesecake, new from Love and Quiches Desserts
Love and Quiches Desserts adds new Greek yogurt cheesecake to its line.
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Heluva Good! adds Bold line of cheeses

Heluva Good!, a brand of f HP Hood LLC, Lynnfield, Mass., expands its cheese line with Heluva Good! BOLD, featuring three flavors — Chipotle Cheddar, Habanero Jack and Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar.
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Homemade Brand launches Greek frozen yogurt

Homemade Brand, from United Dairy Farmers Inc., Cincinnati, launched its line of Greek frozen yogurt in Kroger and UDF stores.
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Greek yogurt dips

T.G.I. Friday’s launches Greek yogurt dips

Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods Inc. introduced new T.G.I. Friday’s licensed refrigerated Greek yogurt-based dips in six flavors.
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General Mills' Yoplait introduced Lactose-Free yogurt

General Mills’ Yoplait introduced Yoplait Lactose Free yogurt last year, the first of its kind on the market.
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Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s offer hand-scooped ice cream sandwich

A new hand-scooped chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich is available for a limited time at all Carl’s Jr.and Hardee’s restaurants, subsidiaries of CKE Restaurants Inc., Carpinteria, Calif.
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The favored milk is flavored milk

Flavored milks and milkshakes show a glimmer of hope for the industry. Meanwhile, low-fat milk sales get skimmed.
There are few stars in the refrigerated milk category as numbers drop. Flavored milks are among the few that showed increases in dollar and unit sales.
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Dairy industry news briefs: Glanbia honors milk suppliers and more

Glanbia Foods, Twin Falls, Idaho, named 4 Brothers Dairy its 2012 Quality Patron of the Year. It gave the four Fitzgerald brothers (Andrew, Jerome, Clem and Louie) an all-expense paid trip to Ireland, Glanbia’s headquarters.
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Admix’s DynaShear

Admix’s DynaShear eliminates build up of undissolved ingredients in HTST plate heat exchangers.
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Consider alternative fuels for your fleet

Government rules and programs affect dairy processors and their fleets. For example, there is the call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty trucks beginning in 2017.
By now, we all know that the Mayans weren’t correct. The world did not end on Dec. 21, 2012, but anyone involved in trucking is certainly facing a number of problems and might feel as though the Mayans were onto something.
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Milk processors grow sales one serving at a time

As sales of nondairy milks alternatives surge, the milk industry fights back with innovations in single-serve packaging and by positioning chocolate milk as a recovery beverage.
The milk industry dodged one bullet this year (thanks to the temporary extension by Congress of the 2008 farm bill, keeping milk prices stable, for now) but the numbers show there’s still a bumpy road ahead.
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Making magic happen

Bolthouse Farms opens a $5 million innovation center in California

"It enables us to further enhance how healthier foods, beverages and snacks are developed and marketed," said Jeff Dunn, CEO of Bolthouse Farms.

The $5 million Innovation Center houses several test kitchens and a sensory center, which will allow product developers to utilize advanced technologies as they research food and beverage ingredients and products. The 17,900 square foot complex is currently staffed with 40 employees. The center will greatly expand the potential number of products Bolthouse Farms brings to market on an annual basis and enable the introduction of completely new product categories.

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Wisconsin cheese group honors BelGioioso Cheese's Auricchio, 2 others

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association will fete Errico Auricchio, Bernard Alberts and Richard Leitner at April 18 event.

Errico Auricchio will be honored as a Life Member of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association April 18 and two men, Bernard Alberts and Richard Leitner, will earn WCMA Distinguished Service Awards for their exemplary careers.

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New uses for familiar dairy products, cheese and butter

Processors create new usage occasions for cheese and butter.
Rather than curse the younger generation who are in the dark about how to cook, it’s better to light a candle and show them how to “get ’er done.” That’s the approach taken by two dairy companies, Kraft Foods and Land O Lakes. Dairy Foods honored each with an Editors’ Choice award in our Best New Dairy Products of 2012 program.
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Chobani completes Idaho plant in less than a year

Chobani completed the construction of a 1 million-square-foot plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, in 326 days. The New York-based yogurt maker called it the world’s largest yogurt manufacturing facility. Ground-breaking was held in December 2011, construction began in January 2012 and the building was completed on Dec. 17, 2012.
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New markets

Arla Foods sets its sights on Russia, China, Middle East

Arla is increasing its strategic focus on markets outside of the EU.

Arla says it is increasing its strategic focus on markets outside of the EU, specifically Russia, China and the Middle East & Africa region. 

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Award-winning foods

Lifeway, Kaurina's top the voting in Dairy Foods' Best New Dairy Products of 2012

Lifeway's coconut-chia kefir pulled in more than 13,000 votes.

Lifeway's coconut-chia kefir received the most votes (13,441) in Dairy Foods' Best New Dairy Products of 2012 poll. It was one of 25 dairy foods and beverages nominated by the magazine's editors. 

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Nuts, fruits and inclusions for dairy

Kimberly Breedlove, director of research & development at Pecan Deluxe Candy Co., Dallas, knows that a truly transcendent inclusion is worth hunting for. When one really hits the mark, she said, it “should make you want to dig around to find each piece and eat it first. It can be that little welcomed surprise you get when taking a bite of your favorite ice cream that makes you smile and brag about it to your friends and family.”
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Formulating dairy foods with omega-3s

Consumers are all for omega-3s, but many don’t consume the recommended daily amounts. Dairy products are an excellent delivery vehicle, but fortifying dairy foods with the fatty acids is challenging on many levels.

Consumers are hooked on omega-3 fatty acids. And they are likely to stay on the line as research supporting omega-3s’ health benefits continues to amass.

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AGC has new fixed footprint, automatic hydraulic openclose

AGC has a new fixed footprint, automatic hydraulic open-close frame, model AR51-D, which allows processors to install a new HTST/plate heat exchanger unit and select a frame size large enough for any future increased flow.
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Perten’s DA 7250 is an NIR diode array-based instrument

Perten’s DA 7250 is an NIR diode array-based instrument that test samples for multi-components in seconds.
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Buchi's NIRMaster standalone spectrometer

Buchi provides the classical reference methods and NIR for quality control of milk and dairy products.
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Weber Scientific's RCS air sampler

The RCS air sampler operates on impaction principle, drawing airborne micro-organisms onto an agar media strip for later incubation and analysis.
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Neogen's new Soleris Direct Vial for yeast and mold

Neogen has developed a rapid and accurate test that can help dairy producers save time and money by rapidly detecting yeast and mold.
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MicroSnap Total from Hygiena

MicroSnap Total from Hygiena provides Total Viable Count test results in seven hours or less.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces its Exactive Plus system

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced its Exactive Plus system, the company’s latest benchtop liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry system for high-throughput screening, identification and quantification of compounds in complex matrices.
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PerkinElmer AxION direct sample analysis system

The PerkinElmer AxION direct sample analysis system, integrated with the AxION 2 Time of Flight mass spectrometer, can directly ionize samples and draw straight into the MS.
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CEM’s new FAST Trac Analyzer

Flexible enough for use in the QA/QC laboratory or at-line, CEM’s new FAST Trac Analyzer provides fast and accurate fat and moisture determinations in dairy powders.
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Shimadzu's new SALD-2300 measures wet or dry materials

The new SALD-2300 laser diffraction particle size analyzer from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments measures wet or dry materials to ensure product quality.
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Bruker’s MPA FT-NIR spectrometer

Bruker’s MPA FT-NIR spectrometer measures protein, moisture, fat and other parameters in everything from curds to whey.
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Brookfield Engineering offers services for testing viscosity, texture and powder properties

Brookfield Engineering offers services for testing viscosity, texture and powder properties.
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Advanced Instruments launches a fast and accurate dairy analyzer

Bio-Rad's iQ-Check line of validated realtime PCR test kits

Bio-Rad manufactures products for food safety testing. Its iQ-Check line of validated real-time PCR test kits for detection of pathogens utilize shortened enrichment times (less than 24 hours).
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Martin Brothers' nickel scraped surface heat exchangers

Martin Brothers stocks all makes and models of nickel scraped surface heat exchangers with a re-chromed inside diameter tube.
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SPX releases new metal detectable mutator blades for its Votator

SPX released new metal detectable mutator blades for its Votator scraped surface heat exchangers from the Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand. Available
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Tetra Pak introduces Plex C plate heat exchanger

The Tetra Plex C is a plate heat exchanger that has a superior and flexible design for easy handling and modification.
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Asahi and Polytetra GmbH offer all-thermoplastic, corrosion-resistant heat exchangers

Asahi/America Inc., in conjunction with Polytetra GmbH, offers all-thermoplastic, corrosion-resistant heat exchangers that are designed and built per customer specification.
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Terlet's Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchanger

The Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchanger from Terlet has received USDA Dairy & Poultry Certification.
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MicroThermics’ DIPW processor

G.P.E.'s DR series scraped surface heat exchanger

The G.P.E. Process Equipment DR series scraped surface heat exchanger/evaporator is designed to heat, cool, or concentrate a wide variety of products, including highly viscous or heat-sensitive products such as caramel.
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GEA Niro Soavi aseptic homogenizers

GEA Niro Soavi aseptic homogenizers have the aseptic technology that uses sterile condensate instead of live steam to flush the aseptic chambers installed on the machine.
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Armfield upgrades its FT174X UHT/HTST process system.

Armfield announced a new upgrade option to its FT174X Modular Miniature-Scale UHT/HTST process system.
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Alfa Laval introduces FusionLine heat exchanger

Alfa Laval developed FusionLine which features patented AlfaFusion cassette bonding technology where there are no plate-to-plate contact points.
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Deliver the full benefits of cultured dairy

Fermented milk products could arguably be one of the most convenient, tasty, economic and healthy foods we have today.
Consumer’s acceptance of the idea that yogurt, a fermented (cultured) milk, is “good for you” has been so widespread that it has attracted other marketers who are trying to figure out how to capitalize on its popularity.
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Admix’s DynaShear

Admix’s DynaShear eliminates build up of undissolved ingredients in HTST plate heat exchangers.
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Processors see the big picture in packaging

If product is spoiled or damaged, then it doesn’t matter how “green” or sustainable the packaging is. Dairy processors are moving beyond waste and recyclability and taking a holistic view of product packages.

While cost is the top factor driving the packaging industry today, sustainability concerns will dominate packaging industry work in 10 years in both Europe and North America, according to a recent study conducted by Packaging World magazine and DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. Consumers also care increasingly about the environment, and they expect the products they buy to be produced in an environmentally responsible way. Milk is no exception.

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7 key steps in making great Greek-style frozen yogurt

Handle with care. A properly formulated mix has the right mouth feel, tastes great and delivers the nutrient content consumers seek.
Greek-style frozen yogurt is a product that emulates the properties associated with the success of cultured Greek yogurt. Those properties involve primarily protein and acidity (tartness) levels higher than those of conventional yogurt.
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Agropur buys Foremost Farms’ dry blending business

Agropur, Longueuil, Quebec, said in January it purchased Foremost Farms USA’s dry blending business.
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Supplier news: Business briefs and dairy people: February 2013

Tetra Pak, Lausanne, Switzerland, acquired Minneapolis-based Filtration Engineering Co., which specializes in the design, construction and commissioning of membrane filtration systems used in the areas of milk, whey and specialized waste treatment systems.
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Chr. Hansen honored for its work in probiotics

Chr. Hansen, Hørsholm, Denmark, received the “2012 European Product Leadership Award in Probiotics” from Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consultancy company.
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Anderson Erickson Dairy, Des Moines, Iowa

 From this one plant, AE Dairy manufactures a full range of Grade A dairy beverages and foods, including white and flavored milk, ice cream mix (packaged for retail sale and for commercial use), 50 flavors of Greek and conventional low-fat and nonfat yogurt, buttermilk, whipping cream, cottage cheese, juices, sour cream and dips.  


This photo gallery contains additional, unpublished photos of dairy processing facilities featured in Dairy Foods magazine. To view more Behind the Scenes galleries go to our archives page!

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