Nestle promotes its food and beverage brands in a multipage event headline "Good Food, Good Life" in the free-standing inserts for the week beginning April 29. Among the dairy foods were:

  • Drumstick ice cream novelties, including a new Orange & Cream stick novelty. The FSI was titled "Celebrate summer with sweet savings" and asked readers to "Find us on Facebook" and to like the page. (In some markets, Safeway stores took a co-FSI that offered additional savings to shoppers using a loyalty card.)Nestle Boost nutritional drink FSI FSI blog
  • The Café collection of Coffee-mate liquid and powdered coffee creamers, promoted under the headline "discover a delicious coffeehouse line, without ever standing in one." The FSI asked readers to "Pour your heart out on" Facebook. Cents-off coupons are not valid for Natural Bliss SKUs.
  • Carnation Breakfast Essentials are positioned as "nutritionally complete" and "budget smart" at 74 cents per serving, based on a 10-pack SKU and a gallon of non-fat milk. The FSI directs readers to a website
  • Boost nutritional beverages has "great taste with benefits," among them 26 vitamins and minerals, 10 grams of protein per serving and being an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D. The beverage, made with milk protein concentrate, is noted as gluten free.


In other activity this week:

  • Land O Lakes introduces a new butter made with olive oil and sea salt. Readers can find recipes online. The FSI includes logos for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Daisy's FSI includes an image of blueberries and urges shoppers to add the cottage cheese "to the healthy foods you already enjoy." The FSI includes the words "100% natural cottage cheese" and "no additives or preservatives," and it makes claims about its protein and calcium content. Readers are directed to the Daisy website for more information.

Land O Lakes butter with olive oil and sea salt FSI FSI blog