FatBoy Premium Ice Cream, a member of the Casper's Ice Cream Family, is taking over National Uncle and Aunt Day by declaring itself as the "Official Ice Cream of the Fun Uncle and Aunt."

"Parents get all the credit," said Reed Damon, chief marketing officer at Casper's Ice Cream. "Sure, they keep kids safe and healthy day in and out, but where's the fun in that? When it comes to unapologetic awesomeness, no one can compare to everyone's favorite Uncle or Aunt. And, it's only natural that the fun Uncle and Aunt always have FatBoy in their freezer."

To celebrate in the most unapologetically awesome way, FatBoy is launching a sweepstakes. One lucky Funcle or Faunt will have the chance to win a childhood supply of FatBoy ice cream, ensuring they're fully stocked for visits from their nieces and nephews for years to come.

As an added bonus, a select group of Funcles and Faunts will be entered for a chance to win the ultimate Funcle (or Faunt) Starter Pack. This kit equips funcles with everything they need to be the best they can be. The starter kit will include:

  • Napkin Shirts: Everyone garb up! FatBoy is providing a napkin shirt to throw on so you can be as messy as you want! Use your sleeve to wipe your face, drag your sticky hands on your Funcle, drip on yourself and then rip it off and throw it away!
  • Funcle-Approved Ice Cream Scooper: Grab your larger-than-life ice cream scooper and serve up a Funcle-sized portion of ice cream (maybe for dinner!).
  • A Guide to Being a Funcle/Faunt: Still working on your Funcle-status? No problem! FatBoy is here to help you become everyone's favorite extended family member.