In honor of July 17 being National Ice Cream Day we’re scooping up some fun facts about ice cream. Plus, we’ve highlighted some news and promotions ice cream makers have going on this month.

Did you know these ice cream facts?

When it comes to flavor preferences for ice cream, 51% of social media users prefer chocolate, 12% strawberry, 9% cookie dough and 8% coffee, according to a social media study by NetBase and seen in a recent info graphic put together by NCR Small Business, a division of NCR Corp., Duluth, Ga.  

This info graphic also noted that the average American consumes close to 22 pounds of ice cream every year; 10% of milk produced U.S. dairy farmers is used to produce ice cream; and U.S. companies made over 872 million gallons of ice cream in 2014.

Ice cream and politics

In 1790, George Washington spent about $200 that summer on ice cream, that's more than $5000 today. In 1802, Thomas Jefferson boasted an 18-step recipe for an ice cream confection similar to a modern-day Baked Alaska. In 1984, Ronald Reagen declared July as National Ice Month and the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day.

See more fun facts from NCR in the info graphics above.

Carvel goes BOGO

In celebration of National Ice Cream Day, Carvel, Atlanta, will offer a special to customers--purchase any size soft ice cream cone or cup and get a second for free at participating locations. The company is giving this year's promotion a new twist by asking Americans how they most enjoy eating their ice cream - by licking or biting it.

According to a national survey, 44% of Americans prefer to lick their ice cream over biting into it (26%).

The national survey also sought to determine which method is better for avoiding brain freeze, which 77% of Americans admit to getting from eating ice cream. Respondents who reported never getting brain freeze preferred licking (31%) over biting (15%).

Learn more about Carvel’s limited-time soft ice cream made with Ghirardelli here, it’s available for July only.

Three Twins celebrates with 2 wacky specials  

1) Three Twins Ice Cream, Petaluma, Calif., invite customers to celebrate National Ice Cream Day (July 17) with 100 pints of ice cream, personally delivered by founding twin and recent Survivor cast member, Neal Gottlieb. Delivery is available to any United States postal address located on a navigable road within 100 miles of an airport regularly serviced by a commercial airline. The purchase price includes 100 pints, delivery, up to two hours of scooping service and a Three Twins Ice Cream laser-etched ice cream scoop, plus a $333.33 contribution to a land trust of your choice and a signed first edition of the Founding Twin’s riveting and emotional unauthorized autobiography, “Portrait of the Ice Cream Maker as a Young Man” upon release. 

Cost: $3,333.33  

2) Enjoy a banana split made with syrups from three rare dessert wines (a 1960s vintage port, a Chateau D'Yquem and a German Trockenbeerenausiese). It's served with an ice cream spoon from the 1850s and comes accompanied by a cellist performance. One-third of the purchase price will be donated to a local land trust. (Available at one of its North Bay scoop shops in San Rafael, Napa or Larkspur. The company will contact you to schedule the time and location.)

Cost: $3,333.33  

For more information on their ice cream month specials, visit here.

Ice cream all year round

Retailer Cumberland Farms, Framingham, Mass., says people love ice cream all year round, at least according to a recent survey they did. Also, the company created a new ice cream sandwich line.   

In honor of National Ice Cream day, Cumberland Farms, released the results of a recent survey issued to consumers asking their personal preferences when it comes to ice cream.

The survey revealed the following:

  • Ice cream lovers don't let freezing winter temps stop them. 95% of respondents say they indulge in the treat all year long - no matter what the season is.
  • In summertime, 46% of respondents say they eat the sweet treat 2-3 times per week, and 11% say they reach for it every day.
  • When it comes to the time of day, 79% of respondents agree that the prime time to eat ice cream is during the evening between 5-11pm.
  • Peanut butter cup topped the list of flavors with 18% of respondents declaring it their favorite, followed by cookie dough then fruity flavors like strawberry.
  • 27% of respondents ranked chocolate syrup as their favorite topping, followed closely by whipped cream at 20%.
  • Ice cream lovers also prefer a proper vessel. Nearly 60% of respondents eat ice cream out of a dish or cone versus just digging in straight from the carton.

In addition to cartons of its Ultimate Scoop and Farmhouse Creamery ice creams, Cumberland Farms is introducing a brand new line of ice cream sandwiches. Now available at all retail locations for a suggested retail price of $2.49, the Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches come in four flavors like Blissful Chocolate Brownie - vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between chocolate brownies - and Rapturous Black Raspberry Chocolate with black raspberry ice cream sandwiched between chocolate-chocolate chip cookies.

For an extra value, from now through Sept. 6, any customer who purchases a 20-ounce Pepsi or Mountain Dew beverage will get a free Farmhouse Premium Ice Cream Sandwich of their choice.