A new company, Miami, Fla.-based Keep Grazin’ LLC introduces its crunchy cheese biscuits baked with Cassava, a gluten-free and grain-free vegetable and superfood, the company says. 

Available in three flavors, Grilled Cheese, Rosemary Garlic and Truffle, the bite sized biscuits are made in Bolivia using an innovation to what was a traditional snack in South America. “This product called cuñape was traditionally eaten as a chewy cheese bread that was warm straight out of the oven,” explains Carlos Schenström, founder and CEO of Keep Grazin’. “We took this tradition, cleaned the ingredient deck and through a double baking process, turned it into a shelf stable, ultra crunchy, ready to eat snack available in three cheesy flavors.”

Made with wholesome ingredients that “tastes so great you can’t stop grazin’,” the 140-calorie snacks feature cheese and milk from grass-fed cows grown by small family farms that maintain traditionally regenerative agricultural practices, the company notes. 

Keep Grazin’ Grilled Cheese, Rosemary Garlic and Truffle Cheese Biscuits are available for a suggested retail price of $4.99 for a 2.12-ounce bag at keepgrazin.com, the Walmart marketplace and Faire website as well as at small independent natural grocers on the west coast (Bay area), including Berkeley Bowl, Buffalo Whole Foods and Green Earth Naturals.