Ingredients PLUS announced it has relocated its headquarters from Lakeville, N.Y., to an 11,000-square-foot office in Rochester, N.Y. The move allows the ingredients’ company to centralize key roles supporting its nationwide business operations, including sales, finance, human resources, information technology, customer service, and the executive team. 

Ingredients PLUS notes that it will continue investing in its 125,000-square-foot manufacturing, processing, and logistics hub in Lakeville, which serves the Northeast.

The new headquarters aligns with Ingredients PLUS’s growth strategy, which focuses on organic growth and diversification. By leveraging the expanded space and access to a broader talent pool, the technology-driven solutions provider will strengthen its position as a premier provider of food ingredient solutions for its target market.

 “As we keep growing across the U.S. and diversifying our product offerings, the need for added space and talent drove our decision to relocate our headquarters,” say Erin Johnson, senior vice president of Organizational Strategy & Development for Ingredients PLUS. “In addition to facilitating the centralization of our executive and support functions, the move allowed us to renovate the administrative space at our Lakeville operation, creating a modern and open environment that embodies our unique brand.”

From the Rochester headquarters, Ingredients PLUS CEO Doug Wagner and the executive team will oversee business strategy, sales, and customer support for the company’s 60-acre Lakeville facility and 30-acre Landisville, Pa., plant. The centralized approach enables streamlined operations and enhanced collaboration among team members.

On June 7, ingredients PLUS celebrated its 40th anniversary with an employee appreciation event at its Lakeville plant where the company began operations on June 10, 1983.