ADM built upon its holistic sugar reduction approach – replacing sweetness, rebalancing flavor, and rebuilding functionality – and comprehensive sweeteners portfolio with new SweetRight Stevia Edge-M. This solution delivers improved sweetening, reduced bitterness, and increased solubility compared to Rebaudioside (Reb) M, the company says. SweetRight Stevia Edge-M also has the benefit of cost savings when compared to Reb M and Reb D, providing dairy manufacturers with key cost optimization. A part of the company’s SweetRight Stevia portfolio, Stevia Edge-M is isolated directly from the stevia leaf and can be listed as “stevia leaf extract” in the U.S., supporting clean-label targets.

312-634-8100; www.adm.com/



Cargill’s sweetener system, EverSweet + ClearFlo, brings together the company’s premier stevia sweetener with a natural flavor in a combination that offers wide-ranging benefits, including flavor modification and enhanced mouthfeel, improved solubility and stability in formulations, and faster dissolution. In no-sugar-added chocolate milk, its sensory testing found EverSweet + ClearFlo enhances the chocolate flavor profile and provides a creamier, more indulgent mouthfeel. In yogurt fruit preparations, it delivers a sweetness profile that lets fruit flavors shine. Cargill reports similar flavor and mouthfeel improvements in plant-based dairy alternative ice creams, where EverSweet + ClearFlo reduced the offnotes associated with pea protein without muting the system’s characterizing flavors.

877-765-8867; www.cargill.com/dairyinnovation



Organic Agave Syrup AL40 from Ciranda is a sweet, light amber syrup produced from the Blue Agave plant. Using non-GMO enzymes, a portion of the fructose is converted into allulose, resulting in a sweet syrup with 40% less sugar and 40% fewer calories than the company’s standard agave syrup. AL40 agave syrup can be used to create better labels in dairy and non-dairy ice cream, ready-to-drink beverages, frozen desserts, and more. In many applications it is a direct 1:1 substitute for standard agave syrup. Agave Syrup AL40 is certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

888-329-3577; www.ciranda.com/rs-syrups



FlavorSum's taste modulation portfolio helps dairy brands mitigate the challenges associated with reduced sugar products. The company’s clean-label, natural flavor solutions work with nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners. The Sweetness Flavor Modulator delivers an improved nutritional declaration with the flavor, intensity, and mouthfeel people expect from full-sugar yogurts, dairy drinks, and creamers.
800-525-2431; www.flavorsum.com/ 



IFPC’s Legacy Sweet systems help dairy processors looking to reduce or replace the sugar content in their milks and other dairy products. These proprietary systems are blends of natural sweeteners including monk fruit, stevia, sucralose and erythritol. They were developed in-house by IFPC’s research and development team and produced at their GFSI-certified manufacturing facility, Aviator, in St. Louis.

800-227-8427; www.ifpc.com/custom-ingredient-systems/legacy-systems



Manufacturers today can deliver more of the sweetness and taste consumers want without all the sugar. Emphasizing great, sweet taste and better-for-you benefits now represents a growing opportunity for brands to stand out and drive repeat purchases. Fermented Sugarcane Reb M from PureCircle by Ingredion enables manufacturers to formulate dairy-based and alternative dairy food and beverages that deliver a sugar-like taste and clean sweetness profile, without a bitter aftertaste.

800-713-0208; www.ingredion.com



Monk Fruit Corp.’s monk fruit extract and monk fruit juice concentrate have become essential tools for formulating reduced-sugar food and beverage products. Monk fruit is unique amongst zero-calorie and low-calorie sweeteners with its ability to deliver unmatched taste and consumer-friendly labeling as well as a truly natural origin. While monk fruit delivers value as a sugar replacer, it also plays an important role in modulating flavor, allowing formulators to achieve both sweetness and improved flavor profile in food and beverage products.

847-226-3467; www.monkfruitcorp.com



Honey from the National Honey Board adds a unique and complex sweetness to yogurts, milks and ice creams. It also adds mouthfeel, giving dairy products a smoother texture. Plus, consumers love honey, making it a functional ingredient that provides countless marketing benefits. Honey’s iconic imagery, such as honey bees, honeycomb and honey dippers, can be used in packaging graphics, giving dairy products a competitive edge in crowded dairy cases.

303-776-2337; www.honey.com



Osage Food Products newest functional ingredient system, SolvSweet Natural Sweetening Solutions, helps consumers reduce sugar in dairy products while maintaining great taste. The company’s SolvSweet line blends all-natural sweeteners (monk fruit is one of its favorites) to tailor to any customer’s desired sweetness level. If one of the company’s stock products isn’t the right fit, the company will collaborate to customize a solution to meet specific needs.

636-390-9477; www.osagefood.com/solvsweet/



Made in the USA, popping boba from Pecan Deluxe is increasingly popular in the chilled dessert, frozen yogurt, bubble tea and beverage categories. Adding a burst of tantalizing flavor, popping boba transforms ordinary foods and beverages into unique, edible experiences leaving consumers craving more.

214-631-3669; www.pecandeluxe.com


Silky Smooth MicroCreamery LLC is a frozen dessert franchisor currently on hiatus as it transitions to a 100% keto-friendly menu, all reformulated with the world's only flavor-enhancing sweetener that's all-natural, sugar-free, ketogenic certified (human blood tested) and tastes better than pure cane sugar, SilkySweet. Created in 2019, SilkySweet is a custom sweetener that enables the healthiest to finally be the tastiest. With more than 73 iterations and nine base ingredients, two years later SilkySweet now is available to help dairy manufacturers.

302-573-3568; www.silkysweet.com



Dolcia Prima Allulose from Tate & Lyle is a low-calorie sweetening ingredient of plant-based origin that provides bulk and sweetness similar to sugar. Because of its sugar-like taste and performance in formulations, it can be used in a wide range of applications requiring a reduction of sugar and calories without impacting other product attributes. Dolcia Prima Allulose is highly soluble and is available in both crystalline and syrup forms. It can particularly benefit frozen desserts offering a creamy mouthfeel, smooth texture, and a balanced sweetness and flavor profile. It also is the ideal ingredient within fruit-based preparations for yogurts and drinkable milks, the company says.

847-396-7500; https://www.tateandlyle.com/