Known for its portfolio of spreadable cheeses, Brie and Crème de Brie, Alouette is debuting new Alouette Brie for Grilling just in time for summer and peak grilling season. 

Aloutte, a brand of Savencia Cheese USA, New Holland, Pa., notes that its new Brie brand is perfectly creamy and melty, yet strong enough to hold its iconic shape at high heat. A luxurious cheese crafted by French cheesemakers, Alouette Brie for Grilling gives hosts the ability to elevate their summer BBQ menus. Hosts can offer burgers, vegetables, sandwiches and more, topped with Brie. The options are endless, you won’t “brie-lieve it,” the company states.

Additionally, the 4.5-ounce wheel fits perfectly on standard burger buns and can be melted onto patties with no greasy mess to clean up after.

"Americans love Brie, especially when it is baked or melted, with 6 out of 10 fans preferring it that way,” says Kriston Ohm, vice president of marketing at Alouette. "We're debuting Brie for Grilling with this in mind to give home chefs, hosts, and cheese lovers a unique way to enjoy the creamy, melted delicacy of Brie this summer without ever having to turn the oven on or leave their backyard."  

Cheese lovers, grill masters, and party hosts will love the warm, melty texture and endless recipe options that Brie for Grilling offers.

Among the chef-inspired recipes and drink pairings are:  

    Alouette Grilled Brie, Roasted Tomato Bruschetta, & Dirty Bloody Mary  

    Alouette BBQ-rubbed Grilled Brie, Smoked Almonds, & German Pilsner or IPA Beer  

    Alouette Grilled Brie, Fresh Tomato & Basil Salad, & Prosecco   

    Alouette Grilled Brie, Blue Corn Chips, & Smokey Margherita (not too sweet) 

    Alouette Grilled Brie, Spiced Honey, & Sparkling Apple or Pear Cider 

    Alouette Grilled Brie, Grilled Apple & Maple Chutney, & Sparkling Hard Cider 

    Alouette Grilled Brie, Fig Spread or Compote, & Moscato

Alouette Brie for Grilling is available in stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $5.99 for a 4.5-ounce package.