Ryan Crandall

Ryan Crandall, chief revenue officer at Norwood, Mass.-based MariMed, joins us for Episode 26 of our “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast. 

In his role, Crandall oversees all revenue generation, marketing, product development and distribution for the company. Under his leadership, MariMed has developed a portfolio of award-winning and top-selling brands that meet the needs of cannabis consumers across a wide range of needs and occasions. 

Prior to entering the cannabis industry, Crandall held a series of executive positions with increasing sales responsibilities in major cybersecurity and software corporations.

During this podcast, Crandall discusses the following:

  • MariMed’s partnership with Emack & Bolio to develop and market cannabis-infused vegan and dairy ice cream in flavors such as Cup ‘O Coffee Chip and Chocolate Sunny Days. 
  • Benefits of infusing dairy products with cannabis and whether it affects taste.
  • If more cannabis partnerships with dairy processors like Emack & Bolio are coming in the future.
  • If cannabis-infused items can be successful in dairy products beyond ice cream.

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