Unilever Ice Cream brands recently launched new frozen treats and ice creams from Magnum and Talenti. The new innovations range from delicious gelato and sorbetto bars and indulgent treats filled with caramel goodness to new offerings made with oat milk and cashew butter as well as a whole suite of mouth-watering frozen desserts. 

Magnum ice cream introduced two decadent ice cream bars: Caramel Duet Bars and Double Gold Caramel Ice Cream Bars. The Caramel bar combines caramel ice cream with a caramel swirl that is fully dipped in dark chocolate and half dipped in milk chocolate. The Double Gold bar contains ice cream, a swirl of sea salt caramel that is dipped in a chocolatey coating, caramel sauce and caramelized chocolate with a brown sugar crunch.

A three-pack of bars is available nationwide for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $5.49.

Meanwhile, Talenti’s new gelatos and sorbetto are available in a 50-calorie Roman Raspberry Mini Sorbetto Bar sure to deliver a perfect balance of sweetness and tang; and a creamy 45-calorie Alphonso Mango Gelato Mini Bar that is made with real fruit mangoes. 

On the gelato side, Talenti offers mini bars in two 80-calorie flavors: Vanilla Caramel and Dark Chocolate available for an SRP of $5.99 for a 6-count box.

Consumers seeking a dairy-free lifestyle also aren’t left out in the cold, as Talenti’s dairy-free gelatos, made with cashew butter and oat milk, are available in four 100% dairy-free flavors: Chocolate Fudge Brownie; Blueberry Crumble; Caramel Toffee Crunch; and Double Cookie Crunch. Talenti Dairy-Free Gelato is available in major retailers nationwide for a SRP of $5.29 - $5.99 for a 16-ounce pint.