Halo Top released a new ice-cream inspired workout gear collection that makes sticking to New Year's resolutions a piece of cake (or a pint of ice cream). 

The collection includes limited-edition ice cream-inspired yoga mats, sweatbands for your pint, ice cream scoop kettlebells and more.

"Here’s the motivational catch: you can only get your hands on items from the free collection when you maintain your New Year’s resolution! The longer you keep with it (like 66+ days, the amount of time to form a habit, according to experts, the higher your odds of clinching the limited-edition ice-cool merch. Plus, to make your resolution journey even sweeter, you might even win a refreshing trip to a weeklong wellness retreat. But don’t worry, even if you throw in the towel early, Halo Top is giving away free ice cream when you track your progress and hold onto your resolution for just seven days," the company stated.