TEAKOE, the better-for-you fizzy tea brand, launched a new Orange Ginger Punch flavor, a fizzy fruit punch-like classic that reimagines a childhood beverage favorite, Fruit Punch. The Longmont, Colo.--based company notes that its newest offering offers a more refined approach, blending tropical flavors with a subtle savory note from ginger root and chili pepper flakes. 

“In true TEAKOE fashion, we blended a classic flavor profile with a twist of curiosity and the perfect amount of fizz to continually push the boundaries of what people expect tea to be,” says TEAKOE Founder Pete Jokisch. “Each sip keeps you coming back for more.”

The organic yerba maté and blood orange juice used to craft the Orange Ginger Punch help bring the flavor together to make one of the most unique, flavorful beverages on the market. Not only is this new tea tasty, but it’s also guilt-free, unlike the Fruit Punch of the past. TEAKOE prides itself on no added sugar and only 10 calories per 12-ounce can. The fizzy tea also contains 45 mg of caffeine and 2 grams of sugar. 

The brand’s innovative formula touts filtered carbonated Rocky Mountain Water brewed with Organic Shade Grown Yerba Maté, organic ginger root, organic hibiscus, organic chili pepper flakes, organic blood orange juice from concentrate, citric acid, organic tropical citrus flavor, and organic Stevia Leaf Extract. 

TEAKOE’s full lineup of Fizzy Tea, Fresh Brewed Iced Tea and Whole Leaf Hot Tea are available nationwide on the company’s website, www.teakoe.com, on Amazon.com, and select retailers nationwide.