Kulfi is a frozen dairy dessert popular throughout South Asia. Heritage Kulfi, a family-owned business based in Princeton, N.J., is expanding to freezers across America.

The brand is now available in grocery, specialty and gourmet grocers, natural markets, and regionally focused outlets, including South Asian, Middle Eastern, and East Asian stores and growing. I

Heritage Kulfi achieves a unique, creamy texture through a proprietary slow-cooking process, and with its South Asian inspired flavors, the brand embraces tradition while creating its own identity in today’s market. Heritage Kulfi’s flavors are built from scratch to be vegetarian, egg-free, gluten-free, and halal. The lineup of eight flavors includes: Cardamom Chai, Earl Grey, Alphonso Mango, Saffron, Pistachio, Rosewater, Vanilla Bean and Coconut. Vegan and dairy-free flavors are currently under development. The product comes in 1-pint/16-ounce containers at an SRP of $7.99.

"The intent was to use high-quality, authentic ingredients when developing each flavor. Building on my own nostalgia for the South Asian food and desserts of my childhood allowed me to confidently create something that I know others would equally enjoy," says Mansoor Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Heritage Kulfi. "I’m very excited to offer all ice cream enthusiasts something new and unique."

Ahmed is a New Yorker, born in Manhattan to traditional Pakistani parents who immigrated from South Asia. Ahmed has years of experience in the dessert industry, having worked with other kulfi makers before successfully running another company serving the South Asian community in the greater New York area.

Years later, Ahmed and his wife Rebecca moved to Princeton, establishing roots with the city’s local South Asian community while remaining active with the South Asian community across the river in New York. It was in Princeton that Ahmed discovered he was in the epicenter of a burgeoning ice cream destination.