Tim Doelman

Tim Doelman, CEO of Chicago-based fairlife LLC, joins us for episode 19 of the “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast to discuss challenges associated with sugar reduction.

Doelman has spent more than 25 years in the dairy industry, leading companies, developing products and leveraging technologies to strengthen the nutritional value of dairy while maintaining its natural integrity.

Doelman comes from a family of successful dairy farmers. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Doelman spent time working in his family’s dairies learning how to care for the cows and operate an efficient and profitable operation. He turned his passion for dairy and nutrition into a new business venture when he co-founded the Good Cow Co. in 1999 to develop and market proprietary, ultra-filtered dairy products. The work at Good Cow is the cornerstone of fairlife’s business today.

In this episode, Doelman discusses:

  • The importance of growth in lower-sugar products during the past several years.
  • What challenges come with manufacturing lower-sugar products.
  • If consumer demand for lower-sugar products will continue in the future.
  • Other health benefits consumers will seek in dairy products.

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