A new digital service from ABB, Fort Smith, Ark., is enabling industrial operators to maximize energy-efficiency and boost sustainability by identifying motor-driven equipment in their facilities with the best energy-saving potential. The ABB Ability Digital Powertrain Energy Appraisal service draws on data measured from fleets of digitally connected electric motors and variable-frequency drives to show where and how much energy could be saved by upgrading to the latest high-efficiency technologies. Industrial operators can then make data-driven decisions when prioritizing investments. Upgrading to energy-efficient technology is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to lower energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Across the world’s 300 million industrial motor-driven systems, there is potential to reduce global electricity demand by up to 10% by switching to high-efficiency systems, ABB says.  




Emerson, Austin, Texas, says it is updating its machinery health platform to enable customers to migrate to a more holistic, modern interface for condition monitoring. New support brings data from edge analytics devices directly to key personnel inside and outside the control room to help them more quickly identify and address a wide range of common equipment faults before they impact plant availability. The newest version of AMS Machine Works adds support for Emerson’s AMS asset monitor, which provides embedded, automatic analytics at the edge using patented PeakVue technology to alert personnel to the most common faults associated with a wide range of assets. AMS Machine Works also supports open connectivity using the OPC UA protocol to make it easier to connect to external systems such as historians, computerized maintenance management systems, and more to help close the loop on plant support from identification to repair and documentation.




IFF launched the Seaflour nutrient-dense hydrocolloid in the United States. Sourced from non-GMO red seaweed, the ingredient is an ideal natural stabilizer for brands targeting a growing consumer demand for clean-label products, the New York-headquartered company says. The Seaflour hydrocolloid, known as “seaweed flour” or “natural seaweed,” is non-allergenic. It contains protein, fiber and minerals, and offers exceptional stability, high-suspension ability and excellent mouthfeel, making it ideal for plant-based beverage applications such as nut- and soy-based dairy alternatives. It is also kosher and halal certified.




Wooster Products’ Flex-Tred anti-slip tapes enhance safety in industrial environments by providing a higher coefficient of friction on the applied surface, whether wet or dry. Many industrial areas can be slippery when wet, and the tapes provide an easy solution. Available in rolls of various widths, standard die cut shapes or in custom die cuts to suit specific requirements, the tapes are easy to install and provide durable pedestrian safety on slippery surfaces, the Wooster, Ohio-based company says. The tapes bend over sharp 90-degree angles without fracture and can be bent repeatedly without cracking or failure of the bond. They are suitable for application on machinery surfaces, gas/brake pedals, forklifts, mowers, tow motors and forklifts, platforms, scaffolds, cherry pickers, ladders and more.