Harco Enterprises offers the Vikan one-piece pipe brush from Remco. The pipe brush has stiff bristles along the sides and extra-stiff bristles in the front to knock loose, stuck-on contaminants. Ideal for use in the dairy industry, the brush cleans pipes and equipment endpoints, as well as drains, the company says. Its hygienic design means that it’s easy to clean, helping avoid cross-contamination. The pipe brush is constructed from a solid single block of polypropylene for added durability and cleanliness while eliminating common contaminant traps.



The Dual Footwear Sanitizing Unit with Alpet D2 quat-free surface sanitizer from Best Sanitizers is an effective footwear sanitation solution for organic dairy processors. The Alpet sanitizer is now Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed, and when paired with the HACCP SmartStep2 walk-through dual footwear sanitizing unit, they together become an effective solution to fighting cross-contamination from footwear. The foot-operated unit requires no electricity and uses compressed air to deliver an atomized spray of the sanitizer to footwear soles, the company says. It is a ready-to-use, 70% alcohol formula that requires no rinse. The design of the SmartStep2 provides greater throughput while maintaining a compact footprint.




Ecolab says its automated membrane dispensing system ensures effective cleaning, best-in-class sanitation, cost-saving automation, and increased worker safety. The company’s technology utilizes advanced flow-based sensors to accurately dispense membrane cleaning chemicals. The system consists of separate dispensing modules for acid and alkaline chemistry to ensure maximum safety for associates and the plant. Designed to dose cleaning chemicals for up to five membrane systems in a plant, the dispensing technology ensures that the right chemicals are being dispensed with utmost accuracy (+/- 20 milliliters variation) to maximize cleaning performance with minimal labor intervention.




TurboClean sanitary elements from Microdyn-Nadir offer the most effective cleaning due to 60% lower bypass flow compared to standard net wrapped elements. The lower bypass flow of the TurboClean elements means more cleaning solution is flowing inside of the element. This higher cross-flow velocity results in highly effective cleaning and lower microbial levels, the company says. In addition, Mann+Hummel has third-party confirmation that TurboClean elements rinse clean using up to 35% less water to achieve 0 NTU (nephelometric turbidity unit) turbidity in the concentrate during flushing. The water savings and reduced clean-in-place time are game-changers, and it’s great for the environment, too.




Nelson-Jameson offers a wide variety of sanitation solutions. The Aurora UV disinfecting device uses ultraviolet (UV-C) radiation to help deactivate most viruses and bacteria on surfaces, providing the ideal complement to any sanitation process, the company notes. Validating the sanitation process is a critical step in maintaining a safe environment. The 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System from the company is a fast and reliable handheld diagnostic tool to help verify cleaning effectiveness. 



Squeegees from Perfex Corp. feature dual-mounted PVC blades, wherein one blade wipes the surface while the other acts as a splash guard. The lightweight squeegees are now available in eight vibrant colors and offer excellent tear-resistance; they are non-marring, nonconductive, and chemical-resistant. They will not rust or corrode and are unaffected by water, oil, grease, detergents, sanitizer, or solvents. The unique socket design locks each handle in place, and the ergonomic design adjusts from 34 inches to 62 inches to optimize working posture and cleaning efficiency, the company says. They are made in the USA with USDA/FDA-approved materials.