YogiBalls, a Dorchester, Mass.-based producer of small orbs of strained whole-milk yogurt immersed in a mix of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, herbs and spices, says it completed an extensive rebranding effort, including a new name, Pariva, which better reflects its mission, growth aspirations and vision for the future. The company also debuted a newly designed logo and new packaging, along with two new product flavors, Tandoori and Za’atar, complementing the original Garlic & Rosemary product.

The name Pariva is extracted from a Hindi word meaning “transformation,” which embodies the company’s mission.

“We are passionate about helping people improve and transform their lives, and in support of that we offer healthy foods that taste great,” says Manjarrie Saha, founder. “As we grow, our vision is to serve our community by offering employment opportunities to those who have been marginalized by society so that they may continue on a journey of transformation, too.”

Similar to labneh, a popular Mediterranean and Middle Eastern yogurt spread that is often topped with olive oil, Pariva yogurt bites are crafted by straining whole cow’s milk yogurt before being formed into opalescent bites. They then are immersed in heart-healthy oils with herbs and spices, where they subtly absorb the mélange of flavors in the jar while allowing the tanginess of the yogurt to shine through, the company says.

The Tandoori flavor boasts a blend of paprika, cumin, cardamom and ginger, while the Za’atar variety features a mixture of toasted sesame seeds, sumac, thyme, marjoram and oregano. The yogurt bites may be served on toast or crackers, used as a salad garnish or simply enjoyed as an everyday healthy snack, Pariva says.

“As consumers are increasingly concerned about what they put in their bodies, we’re delighted to offer a product that not only tastes good, but does not compromise on its ingredients,” Saha says. “While yogurt is rich in protein and full of probiotics that fight off “bad bacteria” and help maintain a healthy digestive system, both EVOO and sunflower oil reduce inflammation in the digestive system. Thanks to its healthy fat content, extra virgin olive oil not only heal one’s gut, but enhances the digestive tract's nutrient absorption.”